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    Bugle / Rouse on Veteran's Day in America

    On the 25th of April both Australia and New Zealand remember the war veterans who gave they lives to serve our country in past wars, on this day during some sports the Military will say a short speech of remembrance and then the crowd will have a minute's silence whilst a Bugle plays a rouse or...
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    Jury duty

    A big thank you to the Lord for getting me excused from jury duty today phiewwww
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    General Gospel Question

    I received an email from our Australian Christian League asking for a donation to help share Luke's Gospel. It kind of got me curious wondering as to why Luke's Gospel specifically is the most commonly used to evangelize people than the other 3 ?
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    I guess i wanted a bit of clarity on this matter as i stopped my sister from partaking in communion at a Good Friday service this morning here down under. Basically she didn't go up to take the bread and small cup of grape juice and my mother was urging her to go up and take it. I then told my...
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    New Zealand Earthquake

    Man I don't know what NZ has done but they have copped 4 earthquakes close of their east coast with readings of 6.2, 7.3, 7.4 and a whopping 8.1 !!!!
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    Feeling a bit Weird When Reading some Psalms

    I don't know if anybody else feels the same way when they read some of the chapters of Psalms but lately when i've been reading Psalms 77- 79 i almost feel like i hear myself crying out to the Lord and feeling frustrated when the psalmist is crying out why God has forgotten them or pleading for...
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    Neural Link Technology

    I was watching a AI sermon from Billy Crone and it had this Segway video of a guy apart from Elon Musk promoting this Neural link that is implanted into your brain. The presenter of this idea was enthusiastically saying that their would be no need for phones etc because you can link up to the...
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    I have an Indian friend who trains as part of my track squad who wants to invite me to his wedding, however, he wants to have the wedding in a hindu temple and do their traditional hindu ceremonies. I'm caught in a cross hair here because the Christian in me doesn't want to have anything to do...
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    Heaven Question

    Is it true that there is a tabernacle in heaven set up the exact same way as the one that was instructed to be built by as Moses but only infinitely times better ?
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    Is anyone familiar with what an DDOS attack is ?

    I read the below article and it had me curious as to what a DDOS attack is and how serious it actually might be ?
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    Another Black Man Murdered in Atlanta

    Geez things are going to get crazy again, apparently a cop shot a black fella named Rashard Brooks because he was drunk and refused to move on from a Wendy's drive thru, immediately after he was shot they burned the Wendy's down. Another thing to pray for America at the moment, I really feel...
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    Minneapolis Incident and Natural Disasters In General In America

    I just seen the on the news that after a policeman had killed that black gentleman that there is now looting and rioting now occuring. Why is it that as soon as something like this happens or a big natural disaster occurs, instead of helping people , these left groups first reaction is to start...
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    Is the book of revelation in chronological order in terms of how the end times is going to unfold ?

    I was watching a video from a pastor discussing the topic of the antichrist and china and he mentioned that revelation isn't really in chronological order, it's a book where God was revealing different revelations to John and that the timeline is going back and forth in history? Now I was...
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    What is CERN?

    So i saw an article on how Cern combined with another piece of technology gives the possiblitily of opening up black dark dimensions etc and how this could possibly be what could lead to Demons being released from these other dimensions ( sounds weird and somethnig out of star trek but hey we...
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    Deep Fake Technology

    Does anybody know exactly what deep fake technology is ? I was watching a Happening now episode from Jack HIbbs and Don Stewart and they were discussing how "Deep Fake Technology" could possibly be used to help set up the Image of the beast that is spoken of in Revelation ?
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    Is Tom Horn an apostate ?

    I was watching prophecy watchers last night and the guest was a gentlemen called Tom Horn, anyway the topic of discussion that he had a dream or vision about a giant meteor called Apophys to which he linked back to the prophecy of "Wormwood" in revelation. He gave a prediction which triggered...
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    The Purpose of The Book of Chronicles

    Hi guys, I'm really struggling spiritually to read through the Book of Chronicles in the sense that it seems to be repeating a lot of the stuff in the book of Kings with only a little bit more detail. Does anyone know what is the purpose of the book of chronicles to the believer ? This is the...
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    I didn't know what section to post this in ahahahhahah but in all seriousness stay safe and God bless you all P.s Australia is 14 hours ahead of you guys ahahaha
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    I wonder what to make of this and whether it will come into fruition
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    USA B/ball coach

    What do you guys think of greg Popovich ? The guy should really learn some media skills or manners , poor journos ahahahahahahaha