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  1. bigmoose

    Are We on the Verge of the Tribulation?

    For about 2 years now I have been asking all my Bible versed friends for any examples they know of where God aligned all the spokes of His prophecy, then backed off. The only examples we found were when the people were in repentance. As many have said lately, we are seeing all the spokes...
  2. bigmoose

    Today Is Just a Small Taste': Grassley Drops New Hunter Biden Documents

    They were no different than the demonRats... Paul Ryan a traitor through and through. We are seeing it again with the defections on this SC nominee. Why are "they" always 100% in lockstep? Not a one ever "defects" Yet republicans have 1 to 6 members typically defect to the dark side?
  3. bigmoose

    Gavin Newsom Signs Law to Make Abortions Free in California

    Our Father in heaven has a much different definition of "receiving care." His definition is not the elimination of an innocent baby's life... my heart groans as these demons destroy our country and our fellow humans... Luke 4: "5Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all...
  4. bigmoose

    The Days of Reckoning

    Thank you Pete for your article. Every word worth reading. To God be the glory! Every day, every plan, progresses as He so wills. It is a gift to live in biblical times. Scary for our human heart, thrust upon His grace, provision and promises.
  5. bigmoose

    Why has Russia's Ukraine invasion triggered the nuclear war alarm?

    Yes. My reading and watching this morning, I sense the global war drums sounding. This is not "natural" It seems sensibility and wisdom are gone. Yesterday I listened to a poll that said 30% of Americans would support a no fly zone in Ukraine even if it triggered a nuclear exchange... May...
  6. bigmoose

    Russian space agency chief threatens to leave U.S. astronaut on space station

    Nothing would galvanize anti Russian sentiment in the USA for generations to come like the Russians leaving a US Astronaut to perish on the space station... not going to happen.
  7. bigmoose

    Russian Oil and Prophecy

    Yes puzzle pieces everywhere. The breath of the sanctions is incredible. I did not realize how broad the sanctions and voluntary pull outs of Russia were. The author basically says that Russia is done for with respect to technology going forward. The cut off of computer systems and software...
  8. bigmoose

    Russia says it will no longer participate in Council of Europe

    I don't believe the Russians actually disconnected from the ISS. The Russians put out a video showing them leaving... I think that is a propaganda video. There is no news on nasawatch that the Russians actually left. In fact NASA was saying they are continuing with NASA personnel in Moscow...
  9. bigmoose

    Russia says it will no longer participate in Council of Europe

    I am with you there. I am reserving judgment. For one of the first times in my near 70 years on the planet, I just don't know what is going on. I watched the UN Security council meeting called by Russia and ... as you said: "we are being lied to..." What muddies the waters so much is...
  10. bigmoose

    Biden to issue an executive order directing the development of a fully digital dollar

    Sort of like a king potentate... one might say. To many executive orders the last 20 years.
  11. bigmoose

    Russian loses in the thousands

    Can you see it? What we expect is not happening. What we don't expect is happening. Unseen faults in the lands are opening and others closing... the world is going mad. Soon will men collapse in fear and trembling? Wars and rumors of wars are in the air... God's hand is moving earthly...
  12. bigmoose

    Canadian civil rights org fires back at Justin Trudeau over decision to invoke Emergencies Act: 'Threatens our democracy'

    Unbelievable what I am watching real time from Ottawa... absolutely unbelievable. The video remind me of Tiananmen Square... A quote I read today: "Here's what Justin Trudeau is about to learn the hard way: if you don't have the consent of the can't govern except by force. He...
  13. bigmoose

    Canadian civil rights org fires back at Justin Trudeau over decision to invoke Emergencies Act: 'Threatens our democracy'

    I watched videos of the police arresting two leaders of the truckers. A man and a woman. Both handled it well. The woman said "hold the line" as she was entering the cruiser. A male with her, said "You must arrest me too." The police refused. My thoughts? I think this is a defining moment...
  14. bigmoose

    Canadian civil rights org fires back at Justin Trudeau over decision to invoke Emergencies Act: 'Threatens our democracy'

    Dear Father, we come before You today in humble submission, and acknowledgement of Your role in creating and sustaining us. It appears the adversary is moving in Canada with a vengeance this day. We beseech You to put Your hedge of protection around Your people who call on Your name. Protect...
  15. bigmoose

    US naval engineer charged with submarine espionage pleads guilty

    For others, I had to look this up. It appears it is about Toshiba selling CNC machine tools to Russia that led to the machining of quieter submarine propellers.
  16. bigmoose

    Canada looking to criminalize biblical Christianity

    HELSINKI/ VIENNA (15 September) – Will Finland imprison an MP over a Bible-Tweet? The Helsinki District Court has set the date for the hearing in the censorship case of Finnish Member of Parliament, Päivi Räsänen, for 24 January 2022. In April, the Finnish Prosecutor General brought three...
  17. bigmoose

    Glenn Youngkin inauguration: Virginia Republican to be sworn in as governor

    May this spread to other US states and Canada! .. and Australia! ...and this! What a breath of fresh air!! Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears: 'Too many of our political leaders' use race 'to divide us'
  18. bigmoose

    RF Gospel Tracts

    Yes they are wonderful, and a great help. Thank you Chris for printing them and distributing some to us. We will do our best to seed them among the world for knowledge of God and for His Glory!
  19. bigmoose

    US, UK, China, Russia, France release joint statement on nuclear war – here it is

    I think this is a preamble for the accretion of nuclear weapons command by a "one world government..."
  20. bigmoose

    Breaking News "Happy New Year RF!"

    How about BuzzardHut... anyone know his status?