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    Puppies and Fauci

    Fauci has been funding evil, sick, satanic experiments on puppies. Jesus please come. Please rid us of this evil. I'm in pieces. Perhaps this will wake a few people up.
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    God being purposefully ambiguous about the elders?

    I have read everything I can about the elders. I believe that they are the raptured saints but many others feel differently. I think, perhaps, God decided to keep the identity of these elders secret to test our faith in him. If he had specifically said that they were the raptured/saved saints...
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    We are not appointed to wrath

    If people who believe in Christ are not appointed to wrath why are the tribulation saints (that may turn to Christ in the first seal after we have gone) appointed to wrath (possibly all the way until the end of the tribulation)? Why would he save us and not those that turn to him in the...
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    Perhaps the white horse isn't the antichrist?

    Could the first horse in Revelation be the New World Order or WEF/globalists/build back better/EU/ten nations gang? They are the Kings of the world at present (unfortunately). Wearing a crown (corona); conquering without firing a shot (which is exactly what the elite globalists said they would...
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    The bride of Christ

    I don't understand the church being the bride of Christ when the Bible clearly states in Revelation that the Bride is the new Jerusalem. I feel really upset about this but I cannot deny that the Bible couldn't be clearer that it is the new Jerusalem. Please could anyone clear this up for me. I...
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    Tribulation saints and pre trib

    Does this make sense to anyone? If we hadn't already gone by the time the tribulation saints get slain, wouldn't we all just be referred to as saints? Aren't believers (the church) called saints throughout the Bible? If we were still in the tribulation wouldn't God have simply called us all...
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    Damascus is being bombed apparently

    Not sure why this hasn't hit the news yet but Demascus is being bombed. A person living there has tweeted an hour ago that all the buildings are shaking and they are being bombed from jets. I am not saying that this person is lying but could this be an exaggeration? Is this actually happening?
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    When the Lord comes again

    Peter 3/10 says that the Lord's coming will be a surprise and that Jesus will come like a thief in the night. Then it says that the sky will be destroyed by fire and the earth and everything in it burnt up etc. One seems to clearly follow the other instantly. How can we attribute this simile...
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    Human Augmentation

    On the UK government website there is a 100 page document highlighting how A!, brain chips, genetic engineering etc will be used. It is entitled Human Augmentation: dawn of a new paradigm and it is on the website. They're not even hiding it anymore. We live in a VERY dark times. I...
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    Family disloyalty

    Before the end, families will be turning against one another. Although there are signs that the foundations have been laid for this (already there is conflict of opinions in families and unease/paranoia) it is not particularly prevalent at present. I wonder how bad this has to get before the...
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    24 elders

    I have just realised that I may be in great ignorance (or deception) about where people go when they die. I just read a book called *False teaching book name removed* and it specifically states that people do not go to heaven (or hell) until the end of time (when they are judged). If this is the...
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    Swing from optimism to pessimism

    Sometimes I feel positive that the rapture could happen NOW, but today I felt that we might have a decade or more to go. Unlike some people, I'm almost certain that if things get much worse for years and years (or decades) I would not wish to continue living in such an evil world. I've gone...
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    exploring biodigital convergence

    There is an article on the Government of Canada's website by Policy Horizons Canada (exploring biodigital convergence) that is deeply deeply satanic and dark. I would really appreciate it if anyone could read it so we can discuss. It could not be more biblical (altering biology/DNA; locust...
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    Why will the Jews be so blind?

    Why will the majority of Jews in Israel think the AC is the Messiah? Surely they know the Bible? I just cannot understand how they will reject the prophesies in the Bible. Do they really pay that little attention to it?
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    UN as the global government

    Could the OWG already be established? Could the UN be the foundation for the OWG?
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    God's wrath

    What is your number one reason to believe that the wrath of God starts with the coming of the antichrist and the opening of the first seal? Hasn't God allowed his wrath to be expressed all throughout history?
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    Offloading shares in divorce

    Have Bezos and Gates divorces anything to do with the market collapse? Offloading shares before the fall. Then the dollar will collapse and hey presto we have the digital currency. Interesting or conspiracy?
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    Tribulation saints and beheading

    Chanel have designed a guillotine. A fully functional, Chanel-branded guillotine. Not really sure what to say.
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    Elon Musk's Neurolink and AI

    Surely God will not allow us to have chips inserted into our brains?
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    God gave the world 120 years before the flood

    Should we be paying attention to 120 years? Can we link it to anything or does the number 120 have any significance? Is the number 120 mentioned elsewhere in the bible? I have come to realise that if there is a number in the bible there is usually a reason it is there. Any ideas? I wondered if...