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  1. Eastxn

    Another proof for a pre-trib rapture

    I had a very interesting discussion recently with a buddy of mine who is also pre-trib. He made an argument about the Church not being present during the Tribulation that I hadn't thought of before. He brought up these two verses: 1 Thes. 4:17 “Then we which are alive and remain shall be...
  2. Eastxn


    Pastor Johnson answers the phone. "Hello, is this Pastor Johnson?" "It is" "This is the IRS. Can you help us?" "I can" "Do you know a Ted Houlihan?" "I do" "Is he a member of your congregation?" "He is" "Did he donate $10,000 to the church?" "He will".
  3. Eastxn

    Selfless act that made me smile

    I read a post on linkedin that for some reason I couldn't insert on here correctly but if you do a search for it you can probably find it. A man named Jimmy Finch from Clarksville, Tennessee, a lawn care provider by trade, loaded up his personal bbq rig and as many hamburgers, hot dogs and...
  4. Eastxn

    Tribulation and Millennium different endings

    I have often wondered why the present world and millennium both have such dramatically different endings. The tribulation is seven long years of God pouring out his wrath on a Christ rejecting world. But the millennium ending is totally different. Here the same thing happens. Just like...
  5. Eastxn

    Today's rebellious youth are in for a shock

    Was talking to a retired pastor friend of mine today about all the insane craziness in the world. We see all the rebellion, the fanatical youth movement to utterly tear down everything that this nation is founded upon. They walk around (or sit around) on their smartphones and facebook and...
  6. Eastxn

    The joy of children

    I just wanted to share a simple little thing that happened today. I was at a restaurant with a couple of friends. When we were finished and as I was on my way out I passed by a table with a young family of four that had a cute little girl who couldn't have been more than 2 years old. This...
  7. Eastxn


    How many of you watch football?
  8. Eastxn

    Antichrist and communist nations

    I wonder how the ac is going to control the whole world. Communist China and especially North Korea aren't just going to roll over and say "here ya go". They're not exactly going to hand over their power like good little globalists. How do y'all think this situation will play out?
  9. Eastxn

    humorous prayer this evening at dinner

    I just thought I'd share something that happened at dinner this evening. I had smoked some ribs and chicken for some good friends. When we sat down to eat, one of the guys (his name is Roy), said the following prayer, Thank you Lord for these most delectable vittles may they add to Your glory...
  10. Eastxn

    How good are y'all at a simple math problem?

    Let's say you go to the store and buy a drink and a piece of candy. The drink costs $2.00 more than the candy. (read that statement again carefully) Both items together cost $2.20 How much does the candy cost? hint: the answer is NOT $.20 cents
  11. Eastxn

    The deer hunt

    The Saturday morning deer hunt- Saturday Morning ... 1:00AM Alarm clock rings 2:00 Hunting partners arrive, drag you out of warm bed 2:30 Throw everything except the kitchen sink into pickup 3:00 Leave for deep woods 3:15 Drive back home to pick up gun 3:30 Drive like...
  12. Eastxn

    Being a gentleman is now considered sexist

    I always thought being a gentleman to a lady was the proper thing to do but I guess not any longer. It is now an "insult" to women's competence.
  13. Eastxn

    A different kind of deception scenario nobody is talking about

    I had a very interesting conversation with a pastor friend of mine. We talked about all the crazy hardcore communist left wing ideas that keep threatening to tear this country apart. Things like antifa, blm, transgender and lgbtq dangers to our children, foreign policy, china....etc. We...
  14. Eastxn

    Things that make you go "hmmmm"

    Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?
  15. Eastxn

    Worried about your salvation?

    I want to address a subject that has come to my attention. After reading through various threads I've noticed something. There are some believers who are worried that they may not really be saved. I've seen this not only on this site but here in my hometown, as well as just about everywhere...
  16. Eastxn

    Think tanks

    Today I read some article that mentioned "so and so" is part of "such and such" think tank. I've seen that term often over the years and everytime I do I picture a bunch of people in a room all sitting around staring at the ceiling going "hmmmm" Just what IS a think tank anyway?
  17. Eastxn

    Thought for the day

    Knowledge is knowing that the tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.
  18. Eastxn

    Jesus is watching you

    Late one night a burglar broke into a house that he had been scoping out for sometime, seeing how the owner left for vacation earlier that day. It was so dark inside the house that the burglar couldn't see anything at all. As he switched on his flashlight to look through some drawers he heard...
  19. Eastxn

    Met an athiest today

    While I was out and about today I met a lady at a restaurant who said she was an athiest. This is how it went; Me-"Why don't you believe in Jesus?" her-"There's no proof he even existed me-"There's no proof Henry VIII existed either but I bet you believe it her- shows me a picture of Henry...
  20. Eastxn

    What would you have done?

    The other day I was watching a video of a pastor talking about the perfect marriage. He spoke about Adam and Eve and how the bible says Eve was deceived but Adam was not. I've heard more than a few guys in the past just rail and holler against Adam. They would say something like "you know if...