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  1. Crow Underhill

    Bennett: No matter what happens with Iran talks, we'll defend ourselves

    I have little love or trust in the Zionist leadership of the territory called Israel today. These are the same creatures that Christ spoke against. They do the Jewish people wrong and create the hatred that the world sees to this day.
  2. Crow Underhill

    After the Rapture

    After the Rapture life will go on as usual with some things different. Some people will wonder what, some people will know but doubt, the world will control the narative, control the story, much as today. Many will be lost with no compass to guide the way. This is important. WE as Christians...
  3. Crow Underhill

    Is the Koran a Literary Miracle?

    I like your attitude, though we may not see eye to eye about things you are straightforward and honest.
  4. Crow Underhill

    Who is the shortest man in the Bible?

    Nehemiah (knee high a miah?)
  5. Crow Underhill


    I was born and raised in a Hardcore, Fundamental, Independent Baptist church, yes Hellfire and Brimstone. I do not have anything bad to say about it. They considered themselves to be a New Testament church. The pastor was a crusty old WWII veteran with a strong limp, would scare the skin off of...
  6. Crow Underhill


    Forgiveness can be hard, as stated due to the sin nature. It can be very hard and yes, many people seek to hurt the person who hurt them. I don't care really, I will forgive and move on with one very little caveat, you go play over there and I will go play over here.
  7. Crow Underhill

    Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty! All threads now merged.

    I have very little faith in juries, the people are carefully chosen no matter what, defense or prosecution, they have to agree on them. Through my twenties to early forties I have been called up too many times to count for jury duty. During the questioning process I have always been eliminated...
  8. Crow Underhill


    A load of baloney it is. Never got into it but I did read Dianetics many millions of years ago, I have some compulsion to read anything and everything. Total rubbish, hard to believe anyone with a brain would fall for it. Science fiction writer no less, faked his own death no less.
  9. Crow Underhill

    Is the Koran a Literary Miracle?

    No, it isn't a literary miracle and not even in order of "revelation." I have read three English translations and it takes from the Bible in many places, changes things up, good points and bad points. It is not a book that I would consider God breathed but more believable than the Book of...
  10. Crow Underhill

    Need some guidance...advice

    Everyone has given you very sound advice so I really do not have anything to add. For sure there are many mysteries in this world but to speculate and/or divert your attention from God or his word is very risky. My uncle, who devoted his life to Christ, Baptist preacher, once told me when I was...
  11. Crow Underhill

    What Should Be Done With Those ISIS Brides?

    There is nothing to be done now, they should have never been allowed to return. But, I agree, they should be deported to a strict Islamic country and live out the rest of their lives under Sharia law. Seriously, they were just playing around and now they are done and want to come back and live...
  12. Crow Underhill

    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    Yeah, hot. Anything above the low 70's is hot to me. But...I live in Texas shorts and T shirts in the winter. Last year though, just for a little while.
  13. Crow Underhill

    The supernatural is increasing, spiritual attacks

    Yes, it is increasing and there are many things going on to cause this to happen. The mass sacrifice of children is the first to come to mind. Then you have the CERN thing, where they have actually caught them outside performing ceremonies. The traveling arch of Baal. The ceremony of the opening...
  14. Crow Underhill

    The UFO Set-Up

    I believe it is "part" of a set up. They are going to have to give some kind of Official explanation for what happened and no, it doesn't have to make any sense. People will buy it lock, stock and barrel, even if they don't really believe it. The herd you know. Personally I believe the UFO/Alien...
  15. Crow Underhill

    Feds Warn of Rise in ‘Domestic Violent Extremists’ – But Where Are They?

    Where are they? Right under our noses and operating in plain sight and full approval of what calls itself the United States government. Everyone has seen it over the past few years. A couple of names pop up, BLM and Antifa come to mind. There is much more going on out on the street that you may...
  16. Crow Underhill

    Black People Can Be White Supremacists If They Oppose the Left

    Yeah it is so silly or would be if it weren't so deadly serious. When I was younger they use to call black folks who tried to pull themselves up and make a good life for themselves and families Uncle Toms. Now they just straight out call them white supremacists. It is all to try and shame them...
  17. Crow Underhill

    The True Treasure

    This post reminded me of something a little poem if you will. I find it inside a reproduction of the 1599 Geneva Bible that I have. It is called "Of the incomparable treasure of the Holy Scriptures." Here is the spring where waters flow, (Isa. 12:3 and 49:10; Rom. 5:16 and...
  18. Crow Underhill

    Dear fellow Americans: I never thought I'd write a letter like this.....This is my cry for help.

    LOL you are correct, to a point but I will agree with you. However, yes we were created for the garden but I do not think it was for ease and comfort. To tend a garden is a struggle, to work anything is a struggle. Work and struggle is good for the body, mind and soul. To be sure, after the fall...
  19. Crow Underhill

    Rise of the Nones

    It is rebellion pure and simple no matter what fancy words and ideas they proclaim and use. A rebellion against God, they claim he is oppressive with his laws but they will trade that for filth, despair and true oppression and claim it is freedom. God does not force you into faith, it is your...
  20. Crow Underhill

    The Convergence of Thinking

    UN peacekeepers? What a joke, where in the world have they ever kept the peace. Turkey shoot I say.