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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    104 today, I stayed indoors all day as I have 6 stitches holding a cut together on the bottom of my foot.
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    Fewer and fewer American pastors hold a biblical world view: new study shows!

    I don’t know why all you’ll Northerners think it’s so hot here in Florida? We enjoy all 3 seasons down here. The 6 months of summer, aka as the Dog Days, the 4 months of Fall, coolish weather, and the 2 warmer months of Spring, so aptly named because the temperature can spring from 40 at night...
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    Pence says he’s never seen a president lie as much as Biden

    Did he sleep through 8 years of 0bama?
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    Just saw movie Top Gun: Maverick...

    Can’t wait for the Blu-ray dvd to come out. When we want to watch a good old fashioned movie we put the original Top Gun movie in the home theater surround sound system. With the addition of a powered 12” subwoofer along with the rear channel speakers, it almost feels like a F14 flying through...
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    US President Biden's Israel visit postponed to July - NBC

    There’s probably a shortage of Ensure and Depends on AF1:cateyes
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    Saudi Arabia Is Building an Entire City in a Straight Line, for Some Reason

    It’s much easier on the CPS Camel Position System. Linear feeding and water stations help keep the Camels in line.
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    The 1948 Connection

    Grant Jeffrey was my favorite prophecy teacher. I still have many of his books. Hal Lindsay is my second favorite prophecy teacher. All of the prophecy teachers I follow agree the Balfour Declaration and the rebirth of Israel in 1948 was a key fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
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    A Prayer of Protection for Husbands

    I use those earplugs. I worked graveyard shift in a power plant with extremely loud equipment. We lived near a mill, when I’d try to sleep during the day the loudspeakers and fire alarm tests at the mill would awaken me. So to sleep I’d wear foam earplugs. Now that I’m retired I have...
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    Justin Trudeau Moves to Ban Purchase and Sale of Handguns in Canada

    Americans need not rest on their laurels or Constitutional rights. People said Australia couldn’t be disarmed, well it was. Just like Venezuela. Hitler disarmed Germany before he killed millions of Jews. Don’t think it can’t happen in America, it is the liberals and one world order goals to...
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    The death of college football

    Free room, free food, free college education, and free training facilities should be compensation enough for playing a child’s game. At the college my daughter attended that equals about $300,000 for four years. That is a salary of $75,000 a year. Much more than a average American earns.
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    The death of college football

    I respectfully disagree. A full ride scholarship including room, board, and meals to get a free education is payment enough. At state funded universities part of your tax dollars are paying that. My daughter worked her rear end off in high school and received a “full academic scholarship” to...
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    The death of college football

    The death of college football? I just read a article where they are getting ready to allow NIL, name, image, and likeness, deals to extend to high school athletes as low as 9th grade.
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    Researchers Think They've Found the Cause of Gulf War Illness

    I know some M1 Abrams tank guys that were exposed to high amounts of it in the Gulf Wars. Quite a few of them are sick now or have died from cancer and other lung diseases. It was used in the tank armor and in some of the armor piercing munitions. To quote one of the commanders I knew, “We...
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    Researchers Think They've Found the Cause of Gulf War Illness

    Two words, depleted uranium. Many of our troops were exposed. How convenient to blame it on someone else.
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    Who Lives in a Pineapple under dC?

    Sponge Brain biDen Pants:chatter
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    Movie 2000 Mules

    There are a few places online that have it streaming. You can purchase the dvd from Amazon. It’s supposed to be released to limited theaters May 20. The lamestream media is doing there best to discredit the movie.
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    Movie 2000 Mules I watched the movie tonight. Anybody that cares about America should watch it.
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    Gas prices in your area?

    Impeach diBen for Ukrainian collusion
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    Gas prices in your area?

    Went up to $4.24 for regular and $5.49 for diesel. Impeach BiDen