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    I will not celebrate Pride Month

    But numerous people and companies are. Sad. :(
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    What will the gender binary be like during the Great Tribulation?

    Will the distinction between man and woman or male and female be eliminated during the reign of the Antichrist?
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    Are masks on public transportation a prelude to the Mark?

    Something tells me that I think it's gonna happen. Thoughts?
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    How did California became a blue state?

    Prior to the new millennium, California was predominantly a Republican state as White Non-Hispanics were the largest population at the time. But citizens were very unhappy about Proposition 187 not to mention dislike towards former governor Pete Wilson resulted in a change of politics. Also, the...
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    Did anyone watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony today?

    I watched some of it and it was depressing in my opinion.
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    Has travel suddenly becoming a "woke" business? Buckle your seat belts, folks — things are starting to get bumpy in the skies. Over the weekend, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant was assaulted by a...
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    Another music star has come out as "non-binary" (CBS) — Earlier this week, singer Demi Lovato announced on her Twitter page that she now identifies an “non-binary” and wants to be referred to as “they/them” for her pronouns...
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    Why do airport employees act so mean and rude since the pandemic?

    Not to mention that masks are permanent on planes and buses now.
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    Do not travel anywhere, period.

    Let's face it, most bus lines, airlines and taxi services tend to be liberal with their permanent mask mandates and treating disabled people like normal people with no disabilities. As a result, my days of going on vacation are over. Are these transportation services preparing for the great...
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    Public Transportation and the Mark of the Beast

    Do you think that airlines, public buses, Greyhound buses and taxis are preparing to accept the mark of the beast in the very near future with permanent mask mandates even after the pandemic is over?
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    Is Jay Inslee really trying to destroy Eastern Washington?

    After all, he's from Seattle which is one of the most liberal cities in the United States and that Eastern Washington is predominantly Republican save for Whitman County.
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    Former WWE wrestler comes out as transgender Former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Gabbi Tuft said she left the house and walked with her “head up high” for the first time Thursday, after she came out as transgender. She cried...
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    Why would they impeach Trump?

    Is it because the Democrats are power hungry?
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    Who in your opinion was responsible for the rise of the far-left Democratic Party?

    IMO it was the majority of millennials and Generation Z'ers as well as news media outlets such as ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, CNN and MSNBC, among others.
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    Twitter Blocks Trump's Account

    Twitter locked President Trump out of his account for the first time late Wednesday, the most punitive step the social media giant has taken so far against the president on a day of social unrest and violence in Washington. The lockout, which will last for 12 hours, also included the removal of...
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    Why are a lot of people happy about the Democrats taking control of the US?

    I noticed a lot of people on Twitter reacting very positively regarding a Democratic stranglehold in the Presidency, Senate and Congress while seeming very happy that Trump will soon be leaving.
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    Now That The Democrats Have Now Apparently Control The Presidency, Senate and House ...

    Could this be the decline of the Republican Party as we speak?
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    Happy 2021!

    Hopefully, 2021 will be a much better year than in 2020. Heck, we may very well be raptured in 2021.
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    Anti-maskers invade Phoenix mall A group of anti-mask protesters made their way into Arizona retail chains where they protested COVID-19 regulations and restrictions, including wearing a mask. A video of the group of about 20 people...
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    Do you ever listen to CSN Radio?

    I know that me and my mom listen to the radio show "Every Man Has An Answer" with Mike Kestler at 3:00pm (PT) in mom's car.