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    God - So Powerful, So Loving, and not an ounce of pride

    Why would God give everything to us if we just have full trust and faith in him? Love Why would God create a law for a people only to fulfill it himself? Love How does God want man to view him? He wants them to love him. In the time to come God himself (Jesus) will rule and reign and it will...
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    Get off the fence and join us

    The time is coming and it's your time. Get off the fence if you are on it and join the kingdom of love. Many have no testimony of being a Christian and that's sad. Isn't it incredible that God himself would come down with all the power he has to humble himself to fulfill a law he gave to...
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    Kids and the rapture

    I was just curious what you guys thought about what happens to kids during the rapture? Are kids of born again believers only to be raptured you think or is it all kids under a certain age going up? I know there are 3 camps that believe a certain way.....That only believers that are filled...
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    Look at your worth through Heaven's eyes?

    Have you ever thunk?
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    Why does God say he is love?

    What does that even mean? It's as if we are given 2 swords in this life to use in action. One of love and one of pride? Can you elaborate? Why do we even exist? What are we supposed to do? Why has the beginning brought us to this end? What if?
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    Two Powers given

    Church... We are given two power given and this holds true today and as have from the very beginning. Why did God put that tree in the garden of the "Tree of knowledge of good and evil?" What was the purpose of that? The purpose was that he knew Adam and Eve would eat from it and he had a...
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    My testimony

    I don't really know where to even begin with this but I'll start by saying I grew up in a Lutheran church setting and I never believed in any of it from a kid until I left that setting when I got into junior high. I guess you can say I was much more of an atheist than believing that there even...