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  1. lismore

    How LGBTQ+ Activism Has Negatively Impacted the Church

    Good article. A sign of the Last Days. I think we in this country and Europe are slightly further down that road than our friends in the USA. It must be very tough being a Christian High School student in this time in this country. God Bless You All :)
  2. lismore

    Are We on the Verge of the Tribulation?

    I caught a train on Monday. On a billboard outside the train station someone had drawn a seated Lion with the caption 'Lion of Judah, Coming Soon!'. It made my day. Yes, the Tribulation is soon and the Lord is stirring up his witnesses, even graffiti artists! I hope you're all well :)
  3. lismore

    The 1948 Connection

    This was an encouraging article. Another item that may be relevant- the Island of Iona is known as the cradle of Scottish Christianity, an Irish Missionary, Columba by name, brought the gospel there in 565AD. This was what was known as the Celtic Christian Church, not until later taken over by...
  4. lismore

    Where are the ten horns?

    If the 10 horns are a revised Roman Empire based in Western Europe than perhaps the recent conflict in Ukraine is significant. President Macron of France has been proposing the formation of a European Army. Public opinion has shifted on the issue due to the threat from Russia. When that...
  5. lismore

    Church of Scotland Votes to Allow SSM

    Yes. It has reached the stage that many churches are supporting so many weird causes I have no idea what they are going to do next. The only thing that seems to be a surprise in a church is if they preach the bible. It must be near the rapture when you can go to a hundred churches and find...
  6. lismore

    Church of Scotland Votes to Allow SSM

    Hello Ghoti! Yes I think this is the case in the Church of Scotland. The denomination own the church buildings, some congregations defected over issues before and were evicted from the church buildings. I hope this does not act as a brake on some congregations standing for the truth, leaving...
  7. lismore

    Church of Scotland Votes to Allow SSM

    Hi Lynn, Thanks for the recommendation, when I'm on holiday that would be a good option! It's sad to see the largest denomination in Scotland going apostate, at least my own church (Baptist) is holding the line. But we seem to be getting fewer over here. God Bless :)
  8. lismore

    Church of Scotland Votes to Allow SSM

    It makes me feel sad for many reasons. There are a lot of small places in the Highlands where a Church of Scotland is the only church in town. There will be people in those congregations, faithful believers, many of them elderly who have seen their church over many years move away from a...
  9. lismore

    Church of Scotland Votes to Allow SSM

    Usually visit a Church of Scotland when I'm on summer holiday (vacation) in the Scottish Highlands. Now I wonder whether to do that anymore.
  10. lismore

    Church of Scotland Votes to Allow SSM The Presbyterian Church of Scotland (largest denomination) has voted to allow same sex marriages in the church by 274 votes to 136. Sign of the times. :mope
  11. lismore

    How long until the Rapture?

    Yes. Sometimes in this country Chinese students on exchange for a year are saved and then go back. I often wonder what they're going back to. Compared to them we're blessed to have still many freedoms. God Bless :)
  12. lismore

    Army Vets Recount Close Encounter

    Interesting! I heard one speaker linking The Leviathan and the Behemoth in the book of Job to Nessie-like creatures. :)
  13. lismore

    Army Vets Recount Close Encounter

    I was on holiday in Tunisia some years ago and saw a mirage, a Hotel about 1 mile away but it was really 2,000 miles away in Mali. :oops:
  14. lismore

    Army Vets Recount Close Encounter

    Interesting name! But I think the prize for water Monster names has to go to the Monster of the Scottish Loch Oich. The Monster is called 'Wee Oichy!' :)
  15. lismore

    Army Vets Recount Close Encounter

    I also saw online that there were a few underwater sightings of 'Giant Eels' in Loch Ness. Known creatures can sometimes be as scary as unknown creatures. Also interesting is another Loch Monster called Morag from Loch Morar which is far more remote and also has the advantage of crystal clear...
  16. lismore

    Fig tree generation

    The return of the Jews to Israel was a key event. But as already said there's no point in speculating the length of a generation or date setting. The appointed time will come and will not delay. It's clear that we're in the final stretch, the last few grains of sand on the egg-timer. But we...
  17. lismore

    New here - Hi!

    Welcome Readytofly. Hello from Scotland :)
  18. lismore

    What's your favorite verse in the WAITING? ❤

    I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope. I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning (Ps 130:6-7) :)
  19. lismore

    UFO's and End Times

    Yes. Some stores here sell ouija boards as a kids toy. Sign of the times, corrupting the last generation.
  20. lismore

    A Sense of the Nearness

    It can be hard when other Christians don't get it, given all the references in the Bible to looking for or longing for the return of the Lord. Sadly it must mean they don't know their Bible. The Spirit and the bride say come Lord Jesus come. Amen.