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  1. daygo

    Is this the end for Boris Johnson.

    Summary Boris Johnson vows to keep going as prime minister after two major by-election defeats for the Conservatives - he's expected to speak shortly Ex-Tory party leader Michael Howard believes the PM should quit, saying the country "would be better off under new leadership" The Conservative...
  2. daygo

    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

    Good how good dont know.
  3. daygo

    Report: Bennett to retire from political life

    Interesting to see how things work out with Lapid as pm.
  4. daygo

    Pence says he’s never seen a president lie as much as Biden

    Pence is partly the reason why Biden is in.
  5. daygo

    Drag Queen Pastors Miss Penny Cost

  6. daygo

    Drag Queen Pastors Miss Penny Cost

  7. daygo

    Cocomelon: are we there yet?

    I have watched cocomelon not so long ago with my now 4 yr old twin grandsons and remember this song very well.
  8. daygo

    How does God harden hearts w/o violating free will?

    Interesting question and interesting answers.