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  1. ByFaithIFly

    Bible Question

    I remember reading,can't remember; that God was speaking about His people. The quote was; " I'll refine you as fine gold". Can someone point me to that place in my Bible where that is. Thank You...
  2. ByFaithIFly

    Have You Read this Book ???

    I was given this book the other day,( My Time in Heaven ) by Richard Sigmund by a pastor and was wondering if any one has read it. I would appreciate any feedback on it's contents. I hope this is the right place to post this...
  3. ByFaithIFly

    Multicolor Crown Appears over Huge Cloud

    Does this bring to mind Christ's coming in the clouds for His Bride. We are CLOSE,,,
  4. ByFaithIFly

    Is Tehran Getting Ready to Attack Israel ???

    ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel Rosenberg warns that if U.S. President Joe Biden renews his country’s participation in the Iranian nuclear deal, thousands of missiles could rain down on Israel from Lebanon. “Biden strikes me as more desperate than Iran to get back into the deal. This has...
  5. ByFaithIFly

    A Question of Color

    Can some one tell me what the Biblical meaning of the color purple means; as in ; He wore a purple robe??? Tks
  6. ByFaithIFly

    An Israeli Sings a Great Song

    This Jewish pop singer wrote and released this song for Pres.Trump when he visited. A good singer and a GREAT song....
  7. ByFaithIFly

    Colorado by Drone

    This is one of those video's that you don't want to end. In my travels thru Colorado's high country.i've always refered to ir as God's country.Hope you enjoy it...
  8. ByFaithIFly

    Another Plague From God is Hitting the UK

    God thru Moses caused 10 plagues to fall on Egypt. Well our Lord is doing it again today and the birth pangs just keep on coming. Were going home soon...
  9. ByFaithIFly

    " A Solders Deck of Cards"

    Please Delete ....
  10. ByFaithIFly

    Rosh Hashanah Clock

    I just noticed yesterday that the Forum has a countdown clock.Great idea.Does anyone know if they did that last year?? Memory not too good...
  11. ByFaithIFly

    Bible Code: Book of Revelation

    I was reviewing my notes from a Bible study I attended with Hal Lindsey on why the Rapture of the church will be a Pre-Tribulation event. I'd like to share this event with you. In the first three chapters of Revelation the "Church/s" are mentioned 19 times including the 7 letters to seven...
  12. ByFaithIFly

    A Short Story of Israel

    This is a story of a nation that dared to dream of what it could be. It carries with it inspiration to all who view it...
  13. ByFaithIFly

    " Peace in Christ" by 5 year old

    5 year old Claire Ryann Crosby and her dad sing this heart warming song. Enjoy
  14. ByFaithIFly

    God is My Co-Pilot

    Below is a link to a great scene from the above movie.Enjoy
  15. ByFaithIFly

    Drone weaponry

    How far will AI technology take us into the future. Well as it say's in Daniel 12:4, "Knowledge shall be increased" in the last day's...
  16. ByFaithIFly

    Gender Insanity

    She sure hit's the nail on the head...
  17. ByFaithIFly

    Israeli's 70th year and Prophecy

    Having put forth a scenario, it goes without saying that we cannot set a time limit on Jesus' return. No man knows the day, and Scripture is clear that our prophetic range of vision is limited on this side of the last trump (1 Cor. 13:13; Matt. 24:36-44). On the other hand, believers should...
  18. ByFaithIFly

    Northern War in 2019 ???

    The Conflict that may force Israel to Invade Iran... Northern War? The Conflict That May Force Israel to Invade Iran 01-17-2019 By Emily Jones JERUSALEM, Israel—The nation of Israel must be ready to confront Iran directly and invade the Islamic Republic to stop it from forcing its way into...
  19. ByFaithIFly

    How to build border WALL with no US $$$

    I just came across this article by Chuck Norris on how the US can acquire $ 14 billon dollars to build the much needed wall on our southern border using Mexico money to do it. Brilliant.
  20. ByFaithIFly

    Israel and the Messiah-2018 Signs

    Here's an article on current ( 2018 ) signs of the times that have occurred in Israel in the past few months.These signs definitely point to our Lord's SOON return...