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  1. Endangered

    Preventing dementia

    My mother and 2 of her brothers died of Alzheimers. And I sort of suspected all along I had the Alz gene. I went to a neurologist for tests and got a petscan which showed I had amyloid buildup on my brain. Amyloid is considered to be the forerunner of Alz. Needless to say I was very...
  2. Endangered

    Putin on judgement day

    Reports from Ukrayne are very disturbing : Woman being raped by soldiers. Civilians executed in the head. Children killed. Hospitals and apartment buildings attacked. Mass graves of civilians. During our lives we may or may not recieve justice for or actions. But God will make sure EVERYONE...
  3. Endangered

    Russia and Gog/Magog

    More than one analyst think that Russia will run out of resources in May. If they don't take Ukraine by May does this mean they will retreat back to Russia? Russis will either take Ukraine or they won't. I believe that, either way, the way is being paved for Gog/Magog. A lot of the world...
  4. Endangered

    Zero sugar Coke

    I was a Coke addict for over 30 years. I don't mean cocaine but Coca Cola. That stuff invented by an Atlanta pharmacist over a hundred years ago had me hooked. I stopped at Circle K's and got a 44 oz Polar Pop and guzzled it down. And then I tasted the new Zero Sugar coke and quit the sugar coke...
  5. Endangered

    Rapture questions

    1. Will my wife and I still be married after the Rapture? 2. Is a post rapture marriage for eternity? 3. Is there an economy that still requires work and saving? 4. Will we get around in cars or some other form of transportation? 5. The lamb will lie down with the lion. Does this mean we will...
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    I just saw an ad for Hadestown. I did a little research on this and Hades appears ro be Satan's Hades. Anyone else got any more info on this?
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    Chuck Lorre #666

    I watched Bob Hearts Abischola last night. As the show closes there is a page of text which is numbered #666. This is the Mark of the Beast. This show is by Bob Lorre who also did the sleazy Two and a half Men. Does anyone else have a problem with this?
  8. Endangered

    The Great Reset Fallacy

    Before Americans whipped the Brits in the Revolutionary War there was little freedom in the world. Citizens in Europe answered to Kings or to Land Barons. The idea of selecting your leaders was almost non-existent. Even though most of Europe cheered when we won the leaders did not like our...
  9. Endangered

    The Apple icon

    The icon I'm talking about is the apple with a bite out of it. I have always thought this was blasphlemous because it seems to be taken from the Genesis story. God commanded Adam and Eve to not eat fruit from one designated tree. The fruit of that tree contained knowledge that God decided were...
  10. Endangered

    Is gravity a push or a pull

    I was taught growing up the gravity was a pull from the mass of the earth. That pull was what kept me from flying off into space. Then Einstein came along and told us everything with mass distorts the space/time continuum. So gravity was not a pull but was the space/time continuum pushing back...
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    Bible to go

    I recently installed a Bible on my phone. I used to play a game or check EMail if I had a few spare minutes. Now I pick up where I left off in the Bible. I hope to read the entire Bible through this year. I spent about 15 minutes today in Genesis and it was very enjoyable. The geneaology is a...
  12. Endangered

    New Deadline for Real ID

    I had never heard of a Real ID until I saw this posted in the Jan 2021 AAA magazine. This ID is related to Covid but I'm sure it has a bunch more info than that. The deadline to get a Real ID is 10/1/21. This will be a requirement to get on a plane. And a new driver's license may be Real ID...
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    I have a few thoughts on 2021. Everyone is saying this will be a better year that 2020 but I think the opposite is true. If Biden stays in the White House he will open our southern border. Not only will we have a ton of illegals but also a bunch of criminals. I bet the drug cartels will use this...
  14. Endangered

    The price of gas

    Today I was at Sam's Club and decided to fill my tank. Gas was priced $1.879 per gallon. While I was filling the tank I had a scary thought: what will the price of gas be in a year if Dementia Joe is in the White House? I went to a government website and checked the price of gas in past years...
  15. Endangered

    Animals are amazing

    Right now Storm Eta is near FL in the Gulf south of Tampa. And I live inland at least 60 miles from either coast. My cats know something is up. They didn't go outside this morning. Typically they are outside a good bit of the day. Today they are not even scratching at the door to get out. They...
  16. Endangered

    If Trump loses

    Right now the election is still up in the air. Could go either way. But what happens if Trump loses? I believe God is in control and his will be done regardless of who wins. It just might be that Biden winning puts End Times prophecies into action 4 years sooner. Biden will cozy up to Iran...
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    The problem with face masks

    When we breathe in we take in air which is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. When we breathe out it is mainly carbon dioxide. So what we breathe in is good for us and what we breathe out is not. Carbon dioxide is a waste product. And when we wear a mask we are breathing back into our lungs the...
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    Early voting

    In my town one of the early voting locations is s public library near my house. It has had a long line of people for the past 2 days. One news source said people stood In lines for four hours in NYC. My wife and I chose to wait until election day. I usually dont have more than a few minutes wait...
  19. Endangered

    Bad Moon Rising

    I see the bad moon rising I see trouble on the way I see earthquakes and lightning I see bad times today Chorus Dont go around tonight Well its bound to take. your life There's a bad moon on the rise I hear hurrricanes a blowing I know the end is coming...
  20. Endangered

    Crime in NYC

    The latest crime stats are in for NYC and it ain't purty. Comparing July 2019 with July 2020, murder is up +59% and shootings are up an absolutely incredible +177%. You have almost 3 times the chance of being shot in NYC this year than you did last year. And bail has been effectively eliminated...