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  1. AWillow

    Mortgage Rates

    I listened to an interesting radio program yesterday while driving and I didn’t even know but in the 80s I guess interest rates were 16% for a 30 yr fixed. I can’t even imagine the only time I’ve bought since 2010 interest rates have been low around three or two what do you guys predict that...
  2. AWillow

    Our flag being tainted by the left- barf. i miss Trump!! The action reversed a decision by the Trump administration, which rejected requests from embassies to raise it on their flag poles during the month of June, which in the United States and many other...
  3. AWillow

    meat monopoly. I don’t understand this but I don’t think I’m going to eat from KFC anytime soon-
  4. AWillow

    Reading today how God is always in control

    I jumped to this verse today and it’s comforting to see what God can and will do if we ask him I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few days but he can do anything and that’s always a good reminder- Joshua 10:12-13 King James Version 12 Then spake Joshua to the Lord in the day...
  5. AWillow

    trump 2021 trending on twitter

    #trump2021 trending on twitter. surprised they are letting that stand wow- people are not giving up!!! ☺️
  6. AWillow

    trump tweet

    Trump tweeted on Twitter 16 hours ago something big is about to happen I hope he can back that I’m tired of all the news of something big.
  7. AWillow

    biden cheats

    Interesting on Twitter tonight I haven’t been on it very much lately but for the first time #bidencheated was trending then twitter shut that down but now #bidencheats is trending. Apparently some good news from Pennsylvania let’s keep praying and don’t give up it’s hard but it’s been a major...
  8. AWillow

    where would you relocate?

    In view of our culture with the world coming towards the one world government great reset whatever you wanna call it does anybody have any ideas if we’re still here would you want to live in the USA still with Biden or whoever or where would you go !? I’m thinking Alaska it’s still in the US...
  9. AWillow

    Murkowski voing to confirm Amy Coney Barret!

    good news-
  10. AWillow

    Washington March Friday

    I hope this isn’t going to get ugly- We need to pray during those days for peace and protection of Washington- Aug 27-28
  11. AWillow

    November Election and Riots?

    Just wondering if you all think that if President Trump is reelected again will we have another even worse round of riots looting antifa and all of that- I saw some videos online I can’t post them apparently but they were super interesting I wish I could share them but they were prophetic...
  12. AWillow

    Big Brother At Airports I think this is only the beginning-
  13. AWillow

    National anthem debate They claim the national anthem is about slavery and marking it and it was written by a slaveowner
  14. AWillow

    Economy and one world

    Just wondering if anyone is thinking like me that this virus is going to cause a worldwide collapse that will start the beginning of the one world government idea I’m really hoping the rapture comes soon because I’m just over it I’m ready to go home. I would say we are in final birth pangs. I...
  15. AWillow

    Left Behind

    Hey there, haven't been on here in awhile and had to make a new username so this might have been talked about previously but wondered how many of you have seen the "left behind" film with Nicolas Cage. The eerie part where they are taken is fascinating. Wondering if it will happen like that -...