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  1. Endangered

    Church of Scotland Votes to Allow SSM

    Two male neighbors of mine got married a couple of years back. I attended the ceremony. I always get queasy at my stomach to see 2 same sexers kiss. I thought about kissing my wife at our wedding. I truly enjoyed that about as much as seeing 2 men kiss made me sick.
  2. Endangered

    Hubble detects "something weird" is going on in the universe and it can't be explained with modern physics.

    Maybe God is changing the physics of the universe during End Times.
  3. Endangered

    Colonizing Mars could be dangerous and ridiculously expensive. Elon Musk wants to do it anyway

    I dont think there will be enough time after the Rapture to colonize Mars. And the AC will run the world after the Rapture and he could care less about Mars.
  4. Endangered

    US seeks to weaken Russia's energy hold on Europe, Hochstein says

    We were an energy exporting company under Trump. Biden changed that overnight. Funny that the media says diddly squat about this fact.
  5. Endangered

    Will Israel Survive?

    According to Gog/Magog, Israel will be living in peace when the attack begins. I believe that peace is the result of Psalms 83 eliminating Israel's adjoining enemies. And many Jews will seek refuge in Jordan after the AC decides to tell the truth about himself. Israel WILL survive but her...
  6. Endangered

    Report: Rents Across U.S. Skyrocket — 98% of 1 Bedroom and 100% of 2 Bedroom climbed 20%+ in many markets

    A news story said rents in Orlando are up 30%. This refers to residential rental rates. So what is happening in the commercial market? Are they also up 30%?
  7. Endangered

    The Global Threat of Putin’s Deterioration

    Putin thinks he is a whole lot tougher than he really is. If he plays poker I bet he has a lousy poker face. Be relies on bullying and threats to beef up his failing ego. He does have a ton of power with Russian military power at his call. It would not surprise me if he was assassinated by his...
  8. Endangered

    Resist the temptation to use charge cards!!!!

    My wife was a credit card junkee. At one point in time she had 17 cards with balances. At
  9. Endangered

    Putin evokes World War II triumph to urge victory in Ukraine

    Putin thinks he is a tough guy. He sees himself as the bully that always wins. He was sure he could wrap up Ukrayne in a month. Now he has egg on his face, which Russia and the rest of the world can see. Sorry, VLAD. You are not as tough as you thought you were.
  10. Endangered

    Russian war crimes part of strategy of 'genocide' - Ukrainian NGO to 'Post'

    Putin is very surprised because he thought he would have won by now. This was not supposed to drag on this long. He was not supposed to have lost generals to bullets. He was supposed to be victorious by now and carried on the shoulders of the Russian people. Instead Russia has no credit, many...
  11. Endangered

    Pelosi, Schumer: Supreme Court poised to inflict greatest rights restriction in last 50 years

    There is a common sense solution to abortion. Before the woman and man engage in intercourse they should both use birth control. If they both did this, abortion would become a non issue. And Satan would be in tears without the death of unborns.
  12. Endangered

    Conclusive proof that electric cars are the answer!

    Electric cars run on coal fired electric plants. The coal fired plant is needed to charge the batteries. My car runs on gas which burns a lot cleaner than coal. So if I listened to liberal wackos I would turn off my gas engine, which runs clean, and crank up my electric car which runs on coal...
  13. Endangered

    Preventing dementia

    My mother and 2 of her brothers died of Alzheimers. And I sort of suspected all along I had the Alz gene. I went to a neurologist for tests and got a petscan which showed I had amyloid buildup on my brain. Amyloid is considered to be the forerunner of Alz. Needless to say I was very...
  14. Endangered

    Putin on judgement day

    Reports from Ukrayne are very disturbing : Woman being raped by soldiers. Civilians executed in the head. Children killed. Hospitals and apartment buildings attacked. Mass graves of civilians. During our lives we may or may not recieve justice for or actions. But God will make sure EVERYONE...
  15. Endangered

    France's Macron beats Le Pen to win second term - exit poll

    When I was a kid a member of our church was a tomato farmer. After his crop was picked he let us kids have a rotten tomato war. We had a blast throwing rotten tomamoes at each other. This is not quite the same thing that happened to Macron but it brought back this memory to my mind.
  16. Endangered

    California A.B. 2223 Infanticide up to 28 days old

    So even if the baby has been born, it is not yet a human. It is still a fetus that does not deserve life. If this makes sense to anyone out there, please, please, please explain it to me. This law makes murder legal.
  17. Endangered

    NY’s BLM Lt. Gov Who Backed Police Defunding Busted for Bribery

    Politics in New York is an open sewer. The radical libs have taken over elections. In spite of their abuses of power they keep winning elections. Get out of NY while you still can.
  18. Endangered

    Greece's coast guard seizes Russian oil tanker

    Oil is Russia's only reliable source of income. Cut off their oil income and they can't afford the Ukraine war. Because of sanctions they can't borrow money and oil is their savior.
  19. Endangered

    NY Times Calls on Readers to Kill God

    As we progress further into End Times the power of Satan gets a little strong each day. This is one of Satan's actions. And there will be more of these every day.
  20. Endangered

    Vladimir Putin: Economic sanctions hurt West more than Russia

    If you ain't got the cards you bluff. You lie, bluster and create your own reality. Putin ain't got the cards.