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    Sunken Russian warship may have carried Christian relic 'True Cross' piece

    It truly amazes me as to the number of people who have bought into this BS about there being pieces of the cross that Jesus was hung on, still exist. And the goblet used by Jesus and the disciples at the last supper. Also, the tip of the spear that was used on Jesus at the end of the...
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    Saudi Arabia, UAE leaders not returning Biden's calls, disappointed with US - report

    And Biden still refuses to reopen the pipeline. He is fulfilling his mission of destroying the US and starting WW3.
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    Saudi Arabia, UAE leaders not returning Biden's calls, disappointed with US - report

    Israel is more at risk than Taiwan. The US has really turned on them since the election.
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    Saudi Arabia, UAE leaders not returning Biden's calls, disappointed with US - report

    We voted only once. It is for 4 years. So, unless something drastic happens we are stuck with him until the next election. Sadly, the way things are going, we may not survive for 3 more years.
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    Time is running out to stop Iran, Israel's point is clear - Johnson to Herzog

    War is coming. Nukes will be used. The only question is when?
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    Air Force Drill 'Blue Flag' 2021 enters second week

    I went to a Blue Flag exercise by in the 1970s while in the Air Force. Once it was over, I ask one of the officers how it ended. He said everyone launched their nukes. He said that they always end this way. When one nation or another reaches a point where they know they cannot win, they go...
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    Mosaic floors found in what may be biblical Bethsaida’s lost Church of Apostles Downloaded three pictures from this link, but don't know how to share them here.
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    900-year-old Crusader sword found by scuba diver off Israel’s coast

    Amazing that it survived for 900 years. You would think that it would have totally rusted away.
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    IDF chief vows Israel will further target Iran, including its nuclear program

    I can't decide if WW3 with start in the Middle East or in the South China sea. Both are getting pretty hot these days. Stay tuned.
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    Hamas pushes for prisoner swap, warns of 'explosion' during Egypt visit

    How much longer Father God? How much longer? Even so, come Lord Jesus.
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    US ‘strongly condemns’ settler assault on Palestinians in South Hebron Hills

    The Jewish people are getting tired of putting up with all the BS from the Palestinians for so long, they are starting to fight back.
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    Analyst warns: 'Iran is making fast progress - and Israel has no strategy'

    And nothing will be done until Iran drops one on Israel. Until then there will be only talk, talk, and more talk.
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    Two IDF soldiers wounded, 5 Palestinians killed in anti-Hamas operation

    And now we wait for Hamas to retaliate. The game must go on. For now.
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    Iran warns of 'crushing response' to any threats

    One of these days, in the fullness of time, Iran will attack. It will be the end of the Arabs and Islam. It gets closer with each passing day.
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    House Democrats remove Iron Dome funding from upcoming budget

    Debt ceiling. What a joke. Every time they reach the ceiling, they just bump it up again. It's going to come crashing down soon.
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    Ocasio-Cortez submits amendment to block arms sale to Israel

    What else do you expect from a Muslim?
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    Controversial US, UK, Australia deal has ramifications for Middle East

    This is one of those I have read over a couple of times and still don't know what that hoop-la is about.
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    'PA takes over Area C and Israel doesn't care'

    We continue to see why God the Father is going to have to rescue Israel. Their leadership just keeps selling them out.