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    I Just Had a Disturbing Encounter

    I went to two estate sales in my neighborhood this morning thinking it would be a relaxing way to spend my Saturday. At the second estate sale, there was a man talking with the lady taking cash for the sale. As I was looking around, he began to loudly run down everything he could about...
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    "What's Up With All the UFO Talk?"

    Recently there seem to be a lot of folks in the government and news media putting attention on UFO sightings. The Pentagon is getting ready to release information it has about UFO sightings, and 60 minutes just did a story on UFO's saying that credible UFO sightings are common in the military...
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    Hello Again,

    I'm not really a newbie but I feel like one. I have been an active reader of the Rapture Ready forums since the early 2000's, and have always felt uplifted by this website. For many years I was busy raising a family and then went back to full time teaching in the public school system, so I...