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    From catholic church to prison to being ''set free''

    What a testimony.... :)
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    banned from local church coffee group :-(

    How very sad.... The church leader told you not to talk about the Bible... I wonder if he is born again....maybe he should call the cathedral guys who have put up a helter skelter... Maybe he'd prefer to talk about that?? Well we are more than happy to enthusiastically talk about the Bible as...
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    "My eyes are open to what's wrong with the church"

    I genuinely wonder... Where are the sound Bible teachers in the UK!!! And how do I find them....
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    ”Are you a Calvinist?”

    TULIP can be very sneaky, especially for people who have come out of NAR... When people are looking for sound teaching or indeed discernment articles to research, then they can come across this kind of thing.
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Oh gosh sorry yes as a Brit, forgot you guys over the pond call them zucchini :)
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    ”Are you a Calvinist?”

    Am so sorry you're going through all this having left a NAR church previously.. I genuinely reckon NAR and Calvinism are the two big winds of false doctrine blowing about and this is why am currently not going anywhere locally.... You are simply doing what the Bible says, contending earnestly...
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    With the sudden appearance of courgettes, am planning pea and courgette soup... Has anyone got any courgette recipes to share? :)
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    Is gematria legitimate?

    I often think that when I see older threads...
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    Trump: Peace plan will likely be released after Israeli election

    Loving all above comments... All this stuff with delayed peace plans, and rabbis advising Trump behind the scenes, it is increasingly kids in back of car syndrome (are we nearly there yet) and Endangereds phrase about the shortness of the time....
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Myself and dd harvested some potatoes today woohoo, is nice to have homegrown stuff.. Then it was fajitas for tea and I finished off ds' magnum chocolate ice lolly for dessert! (he announced he didn't want the rest of it...)
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    Another New Member

    Welcome to the family :)
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    Buddha - lazy boy

    Enlightenment.... Endarkenment more like....
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    Prophecy Watchers

    Oh dear... I must say the only two I've watched on PW are Andy Woods and Billy Crone... Looking at the info on the Oracle it reeks of mysticism to me... Not good! The man called the Oracle indeed... And I still love that PW intro :) da-da-da-da-da-DAAA!! As someone who attempted music...
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    Let's Make Alphabet Soup!

    Just in time departing expectant! TBDCM
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Loads of stuff in the "24 hour cafe" today... Steak burger, jacket potato, cheese sandwiches, salmon baby potatoes and roasted veg including - hooray!! - the first harvested courgette, fried egg sandwiches... Promise I didn't eat all of that lol :)
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    What you'd imagine it to be like and what you'd like to do right after the rapture!

    Am loving all these replies... It would be kneeling at Jesus feet then leaping up and down shouting we are finally home hooray!!!! Then as you said SS1, I'll join the queue for the press conference...