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  1. OnlyHim

    I have a question too ask

    To answer your question probably not. Too many business owners apply the "duck on water" method to everyday life. If you are not familiar with that that is where on the surface you look calm cool and collected, but under the water your feet are going crazy! As an owner you have to protect the...
  2. OnlyHim

    I have a question too ask

    While we are to rest in the trust in our Lord to provide for all our needs we should also be prudent. As a business owner myself, the situation you are in sends up all kinds of red warning flags for me indicating that the business you are working for is is trouble financially. As much as is in...
  3. OnlyHim

    Trump: Peace plan will likely be released after Israeli election

    Unfortunately if this is true that Trump is seeking advice from Rabbi's about the arrival of the Messiah (unless they are Messianic Jews) it may reveal some deep flaws about Trumps understanding of the End Times...
  4. OnlyHim

    God's voice

    Very interesting! Most of the time I know when Jesus is speaking when I am in conversations like either prayer or just chatting, but there was one time that I heard what I think was Him audibly. In 2003, I was building our new home. This was a time in my life too that I think Jesus was really...
  5. OnlyHim

    If you could ask God for anything....

    To know how to fully forgive as He has forgiven me or to Love as He Loves us.
  6. OnlyHim

    Britain weighs response to Iran Gulf crisis with few good options

    Honestly, I don't think Britain can do much more than protest this verbally. Iran knows it. What has happened so far doesn't really warrant a full blown military response and I don't think the UK has enough hardware in the region to pull that off anyway even if it did. So I am fully prepared...
  7. OnlyHim

    The Rapture - Are you hopeful or dependent?

    You are most certainly not alone!
  8. OnlyHim

    The Rapture - Are you hopeful or dependent?

    I think it is also relevant to note that it was during those dark day the Lord called me to true repentance and salvation. It was bad and He was so good. I think He might have saved my entire family during those years.
  9. OnlyHim

    The Rapture - Are you hopeful or dependent?

    Oh yes there was a lot of corruption and fear mongers at that time too. No doubt.
  10. OnlyHim

    Russia: US pursuit of Iran dangerous to Middle East

    That is an important point you made at the end of your post. This is exactly why the US had to confront Hitler and the Nazis.
  11. OnlyHim

    The Rapture - Are you hopeful or dependent?

    This is exactly right. My IT company I own started in 1998 mainly due to the push by so many companies upgrading their IT infrastructure. We had software programs that we used to run tests on equipment and programs to see what would happen when midnight hit and sure enough complete systems did...
  12. OnlyHim

    Marriage & The Rapture

    The questions in my head surrounding this statement stem from my earthly flesh and how I see the world now I guess. It is hard to see or even comprehend the things that await. My love for my wife and our relationship is difficult for me to think of a what could replace it. I look forward to...
  13. OnlyHim

    Marriage & The Rapture

    These are certainly good points and I agree with both of you. I think I might need to rephrase my question a little. I'm looking at this from kind of a contractual or covenant agreement standpoint that is right now between my wife and I and the Lord. I agree that there will not be marriage in...
  14. OnlyHim

    Marriage & The Rapture

    Here on earth we know when two people are married that really only death or adultery are approved (so to speak) reasons for what can break the marriage convenient with each other. Let's consider death for a moment in reference to the rapture. At the moment of the rapture, assuming my wife and...
  15. OnlyHim

    The Rapture - Are you hopeful or dependent?

    The problem with all of the "date setters" in reference to trying to determine an actual date for the rapture is simply nonsense because the Rapture is not "date" dependent like say a Feast Day. It is number dependent as in the fullness of the gentiles. Once the fullness comes in (as in all of...
  16. OnlyHim

    Putin and Pence cancelled engagements. Interesting?

    Well. This could be something big. Or it could be nothing. Thus is the life as a watcher for the past 15 years...
  17. OnlyHim

    This Is What Our Cities Would Look Like Without Light Pollution

    This is very much the picture of our skies at our home in northern Michigan. We have watched so many meteor showers and just simply starring into the Lords back yard. I think it’s best in the dead of winter. The Milky Way is absolutely stunning. You feel very small in those moments. Very humbling.
  18. OnlyHim

    Widespread internet outage reported in Iran

    Sounds to me like there was another "Short-Circuit in the electrical system", which I believe was what also happened to a few facilities in and around Damascus lately.... Clearly the Middle East has some serious electrical problems. All the more reason to get them nuclear power quickly...
  19. OnlyHim

    Russia swears Iran is its ally, after trilateral meeting with PM, Bolton

    Right, they are. Iran is contributing lots of weapons to the terrorists fighting those who are fighting against them...