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  1. mikhen7

    World Vision Exposed... Again - Now Anti-Israel Support for Terrorism

    I parted ways with World Vision a few years back. Now it is found they are supporting terrorism, via terrorist groups, with funding that comes mostly from US donors! I hope the true believers who are supporting them do look into this and question writing their next check. But then again, maybe...
  2. mikhen7

    Yellowstone Super Volcano...

    It is a simple one, but helpful to show that the judgments in the Tribulation may come in the beginning at the hand of mankind, i.e. war and famine in the aftermath, but it is ultimately God who is the one directing what is to happen.
  3. mikhen7

    Jesus Came to Divide Families

    Thank you for the kind words and the excellent post. I appreciate your faith and your willingness to be so candid about your family. Your strength is an encouragement to all who come in contact with you. I just read your entire post to my wife who was very encouraged. My wife said she found your...
  4. mikhen7

    Yellowstone Super Volcano...

    Here is a Chart I put together. The purpose is to show that all of the judgments of the tribulation are a part of God's Divine wrath. Even the Seal judgments with the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse cannot be unleashed until the Lamb of God opens the scroll. So I just wanted to list them so you...
  5. mikhen7

    Yellowstone Super Volcano...

    Sometimes I believe too many of the judgments during the tribulation are attributed to man by some. For sure, there will be wars and mankind will turn upon mankind to destroy one another. But if you truly look at the judgments, I believe you can deduce whether one is supernatural (for lack of a...
  6. mikhen7

    Man Trying to Change the Climate

    TeeTee, yes it is salt, but not sure if it is road salt. Calcium carbonate is a calcium salt with formula CCaO3. It has a role as an antacid, a food coloring, a food firming agent and a fertilizer. It is a calcium salt, a carbonate salt and a one-carbon compound. from ChEBI. Calcium carbonate...
  7. mikhen7

    The Old Testament Pattern of Salvation

    I totally agree with brother Adrian and Pat! Remember, before the law came there was faith. Abraham believed God and He accounted it to as righteousness. The purpose of the law is shown for many reasons in Gal 3.
  8. mikhen7

    The Dispensations And the Ages

    Sounds like Adrian!! Ha!!
  9. mikhen7

    ‘Veggie Tales’ Creator: ‘Inevitable’ That Christian Filmmakers Will Be Forced to Address LGBT Issues

    Yes, but if NBC has anything to say about it, they may try to force him in the wrong direction. He needs prayer.
  10. mikhen7

    Yellowstone Super Volcano...

    If it blows, it would cause the earthquakes on the west and across the land. 1/2 the US would crumble.
  11. mikhen7

    ‘Veggie Tales’ Creator: ‘Inevitable’ That Christian Filmmakers Will Be Forced to Address LGBT Issues

    Yes. I would say this is a major distraction for him. An arrow of the Enemy. I know them all too well and they hurt! I cannot say what every Veggie Tale film has been about, but raising two girls, I have watched my fair share. Maybe, he will need to create a show in which marriage is the center...
  12. mikhen7

    ‘Veggie Tales’ Creator: ‘Inevitable’ That Christian Filmmakers Will Be Forced to Address LGBT Issues

    It is just sad that it has come to this. I know that Bro. Vischer will do the right thing. If NBC tries to force him to compromise, I think he will bow out. We definitely need to pray for him and for how he will face the inevitable. We have a BIG God and He is transcendent over all things. If...
  13. mikhen7

    El Salvador: Court Releases Woman Jailed over Stillbirth

    I would hope there is more to the story than this. A good doctors analysis would have shown it was a miscarriage, by looking for forced entry or drugs in the system.
  14. mikhen7

    ‘Veggie Tales’ Creator: ‘Inevitable’ That Christian Filmmakers Will Be Forced to Address LGBT Issues

    This is so sad. Phil Vischer, the creator of 'Veggie Tales,' is warning of the inevitability of having to come out with Veggie Tale episodes that confront the truth about LGBTQ issues. Who would have thunk it? But seriously, since the other Hollywood cartoons are promoting gay marriage, it is...
  15. mikhen7

    Prophecy Watchers

    You probably did. Cahn is a CON.
  16. mikhen7

    Man Trying to Change the Climate

    Ultimate humanism. Mankind without God. Mankind telling God we do not need you, we can take care of our own ills. But the day is coming...when they will realize who is in control...and it will not be pretty for them, sadly.
  17. mikhen7

    Google 'blacklisted' The Christian Post, whistleblower reveals ... and others Read the article and note how this affects culture, religious bias, and politics. IMO, this is just another sign of the times we are in.