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    Why Do Jews Reject Jesus As The Messiah? Part 1

    Yep you're 1005 right on that one : " Moses Comforts the People (Deuteronomy 5:22-33; Hebrews 12:18-29) 18When all the people witnessed the thunder and lightning, the sounding of the ram’s horn, and the mountain enveloped in smoke, they trembled and stood at a distance. 19“Speak to us yourself...
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    Moloch worshipers now in the New Zealand "Legislature"

    Jacinda Adern is a terrible prime minister for NZ , next thing you know she'll be changing their national anthem from God defend New Zealand to Allah defend New Zealand
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    Man Trying to Change the Climate

    Yes hopefully very soon :)
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    Man Trying to Change the Climate

    I'm doin well Billy , how ya been , i haven't seen you around the forums for a while ?
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    Man Trying to Change the Climate

    I also wonder how this would affect people who have breathing problems already like Asthma ??
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    Trump: Peace plan will likely be released after Israeli election

    I read it from a recent Daymond Duck Article from the rapture ready website titled "Temple Stories", unfortuantely they may not be aware that their actually waiting for the antichrist
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    Prophecy Watchers

    No he is a false teacher , the guy has a big rap sheet about the heresies he teaches , there's even a thread on here about his false teachings:
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    Trump: Peace plan will likely be released after Israeli election

    I read something interesting today where it stated Trump sent 2 people over to some rabbis in Jerusalem to seek their opinion as to when they think the Messiah will arrive
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    Prophecy Watchers

    I love the intro to the show as well and the guests so far apart from Jonathan Cahn seemed to be dispensational believing preachers
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    Prophecy Watchers

    Do Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich screen the people they interview before allowing them to appear as guests on their show? I was a bit stunned that Jonathan Cahn made a recent appearance on their show with Gary Stearman helping to promote his latest false book called "The Oracle".
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    Rude and Sarcastic Christians

    As Andy C said just give them the biggest smile you got and say God bless you my friend and walk away
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    Sydney Australia stabbings

    Agree with you there Walter, Australia has a strong Muslim/LbGQT appeasement policy, its so frustrating and sad that these people have a voice in this country
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    Yair Netanyahu says his father is a ‘weak man who does foolish things’

    I can't believe that he would tell people that his father I a weak man who makes foolish decisions. I thought his son was a devout Christian then again it could be a fake news propaganda campaign to discredit Bibi
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    France calls for immediate end to fighting in Syrian city of Idlib

    I agree, since when did they become the leading nation of the world to bark orders ?
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    Netanyahu Demolishes Ilhan Omar After She Accuses Israel of ‘Muslim Ban’

    Is she serious ??????????????????????????? Who in their right mind would allow a person into their country that insults and criticises it on a daily basis. !!!!!!! I'm surprised she also didn't throw in the racism card for good measure
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    What you'd imagine it to be like and what you'd like to do right after the rapture!

    Ahahahaha id imagine after we worship him in gratitude hed simultaneously answer all of our questions at the same time as if it were a mad press release with all of us believers centred around him asking non stop questions
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    Muslim Cleric who Hid 262 Christians During Attacks is Honored

    Praise God for this man's bravery to do something that is completely at odds in what his religion teaches
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    6 Philadelphia Police Officers Shot During Gun Battle In Nicetown-Tioga Section

    your spot on there its highly suspicious ,it's crazy how many things the Clintons are allegedly caught up in
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    Scriptural ‘Contradictions’

    Its not contradictory if you understand the doctrine of dispensationalism and basic context oh and most importantly the guidance of the holy spirit by praying for wisdom and discernment before reading the word
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    Lessons from My Battle with PTSD

    I worry about my thoughtlife sometimes. Some of the thoughts that come into my head i rebuke straight away, makes me wonder why are such blasphemous curseful thoughts coming into my head and in no way have this opinion eg I might read a bible verse , ill thank god after it and then a cursing...