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    700 people feared dead

    The Mediterranean sea is now becoming a death trap for migrants :eek: the E.U. is holding emergency talks as hundreds of migrants is drowned at sea trying to get to safety . Three more boats carrying migrants in the Mediterranean send distress calls , another tidbit of info the death toll is 30...
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    Deadly military chopper crash

    :usaheart keep our troops and families in close prayer after suffering tragic loss today fellow Brethren :frown2 The chopper was a UH 60 Black hawk 11 service members aboard , 7 marines and 4 soldiers some remains have been found near Pensacola Florida some one can grab the full reporting...
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    our Liberty in our Freedom OF ONE NATION UNDER GOD

    :thinking: I thought to make a small thread topic about our Freedoms ad Liberties and state the most evident from our founding fathers so as it may not be forgotten nor forsaken Thomas Jefferson Liberty is a gift from God God who gave us life gave us Liberty, can the Liberties of a...
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    Tragic death of Dr Myles Munroe

    His plane exploded :crying he was a avid supporter of the state of Israel praying for his family as they deal with this tragic loss
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    Feast of Tabernacles is tomorrow everybody

    :ring::ring: thought to remind everyone that Feast of Tabernacles begins October 8 lasts through the 16th :israel::fish: since this will be of importance in mil would be good to share in the importance of it according to God's word :((
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    question about the two witnesses

    :thinking: Isaiah prophesied that Israel will give birth to her childten as soon as her time of tribulations begin Isa 66:8 do the two witnesses exercise their ministry in the first half of the tribulations ?
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    New ultimatum as Israel gives warning

    :shocked Here we go folks Israel is telling Palestinians in ME they have hours to get out of their homes or die this is on the heels of them rejecting a peace initiative thousand of Israeli ground troops stand ready along the Gaza border :surprised The countdown is Now folks...
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    Does any one know ?

    :wave need a little help from my Brethren regarding a passage in the book of Isaiah Isaiah 49:12 where is the land of Sinim ? what is modern name of this land ? :scratch:
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    wishing all a Blessed Passover and Easter Sunday here on RF and abroad

    :meet: May all Have a Blessed and wonderful Passover and Easter Sunday :meet:
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    Fullness of time and shortening of time

    :thinking: I am perplexed into beginning a discussion on this :scratch: for instance The Jews indeed often speak of the shortening of days in this sense as miraculously done by God so they say that "five miracles were wrought for our father Jacob, when he went from Beersheba to...
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    (Ezekiel 27:13-14) and Russia

    :thinking: Interestingly, the Bible identifies the ancient ancestors of the Russians as traders in the future Javan, Tubal, and Meshech were your traders. They bartered human lives and vessels of bronze for your merchandise. Those from the house of Togarmah traded for your wares...
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    Russia Has Hoped to Take Over Alaska

    THIS IS ONE I REMEMBERED AND FOUND OLD NEWS BUT GOOD TO REMEMBER AND THINK ON :thinking: Russia Has Hoped to Take Over Alaska Although Russia sold Alaska to the United States in the 1800s, there have been reports that it wants it back. Apparently, even Stalin may have wanted to regain...
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    will America fall before the Rapture ?

    :thinking: As I watched the last briefing Hal L. gave , he stated something that caught my attention . That America would have to fall just before the rapture of the church ............ :(( yes I know its a loaded question but I wanted to get input on this from yall .. He spoke a lot more...
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    ? about Hebrews 12

    The church of the firstborn is what I am attempting to get a better understanding about with in chptr 12 verse 24 on ........what is being said when it speaks about and to the blood of sprinkling ? is this referring to Hebrews 9 ? with what Moses did or is it referencing Jesus and the new...
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    This IS a Religious War

    I found this old piece and thought to share it here because it has some good points stated to help people understand this holy war the Islamic s are waging October 7, 2001 New York Times Magazine This IS a Religious War By ANDREW SULLIVAN Perhaps the most admirable part of the...
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    a serious question Respecting the Holy Spirit

    :thinking: I imagine most if not all have read scripture and Acts regarding the baptism of the Holy Spirit . I am very aware most if not all have mixed beliefs regarding "speaking in tongues" Lets get real :(( it really is hard to rightly divide for some of us Christians :(( I say that...
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    Isaiah 26:14 and the return of The Sphinx

    :thinking: First I wanted to ask some important questions about this Bible passage in Isaiah ""they are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased,they shall not rise: therefore you have visited and destroyed them and made all their memory to perish Is it possible that this Biblical...
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    The Christian Cop

    The Christian Cop Cops. We are the custodians of public safety. At least that’s the way society looks upon us for the most part. That’s what the local government entrusts us with. We are supposed to be alert to any potential disturbance of the peace, remain calm under great pressure and...
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    The Resurrection: The Rewards of Faith

    The Resurrection: The Rewards of Faith Through the resurrection, God has offered us the following: A New Life Romans 6:2-3 - Sin’s power is broken. Romans 6:4 - Sin-loving nature is buried. Romans 6:6 - Sin can no longer control us and hold us in bondage. A New Nature...
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    Overcoming Sin Through the Cross

    Overcoming Sin Through the Cross By David A. DePra Through the Cross we are forgiven for all sin. But through that same Cross we are also DELIVERED from all sin. Unless we are actually delivered from the power of sin through the Cross there is no possibility of freedom. But freedom is...