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    Watch: Mass terror convoy in Tel Aviv

    :groan those fools :groan when they go up to Tel-Aviv its about the real last line folks :horn pray for Israel leaders Its certain one match fired ignited all the others and it gets hot to quick it will not be so easy quenched this time as the global idiots thinks :twitch
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    when all the false thrones are cast down and Jesus has his we will most assuredly know more as to why some things entertained so ignorantly was to great peril of the souls :( :banning . many many Nations just as Norway , has dangerous fascinations they ought to fasten God's word around...
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    Do You Have "God Moments" to share?

    Deer's are some of the most avid of jumpers in the practice enables them to run some predators in a circle that can't get the jump on them :squirrelbait dancing their way to live another day :twister
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    Do You Have "God Moments" to share?

    :bouncies OH DEER :lolsign would have loved to have seen it :jerry If your ever out and about certain times of the year stand and watch the Deer's with young teach them to dance . It is a awesome sight to see . They really are teaching them to jump , but the amazing thing is they use the...
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    And The Prophets Looked On

    :bouncies LOVE this one well written :amen
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    Do You Have "God Moments" to share?

    GLORY BE TO GOD :bouncies :amen out of the mouths of babes
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    Russia launches record 24-hour bombing blitz in Syria

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    Report: Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria

    don't make a whit that defense officials declined to comment Israel has spoke her warnings and they did not believe Lord they act deaf toward the warning given what else can happen :twitch dont ask that :shocked :shocked:shocked could get explosive and quick this time
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    Report: Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria

    :bible Its wrote in the scriptures :book that that happens in ISRAEL :eek: :horn:horn:horn bet the watchmen makes a airing on this upcoming one they would surely need too :sad :thinking wonder if they realize the closeness now in the developing and coming battle :scratch I sure hope...
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    Report: Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria

    we may be in the balcony above watching :bouncies:bouncies you have to know time is not standing still in these times it won't weight on any so BE READY :cloud9 :fireworks but folks really the fourth of July may not just be for July :hide anymore with what will come on earth in these battles...
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    Report: Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria

    :tea just a interesting tidbit folks we should pay attention with the leaders of Islam when they gather in the area of what was called and termed in scriptures as ((TYRE))AND (((SIDON))) there is a clear reason from God's word but most skim it over in reading Its plain as ever there :hmmm...
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    Report: Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria

    Revelations 6 Isaiah 28 do you think the Syrian Greek brokers the peace agreement ???????:book :bible :hmmm overflowing scourge passing through ((((Iranian coilition)))) possibly twice it is called the covenant of death and hell they trust in the arm of the flesh :groan Egypt and...
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    The Great Convergence Fizzle

    :hmmm I agree whole heartedly on the you can not just shut it off of late and back of this I had so many dreams I would know was God dreams of what times will become makes me tremble to think on it even now :hmmm Its a marvel to me that folks do not grasp what was being said when God said...
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    Russian Presence Near Undersea Cables Concerns U.S.

    :book Ive been wondering of late if per chance Brussels Belgium is the one :eek: you can find it scripture in Zechariah 5 and again in Revelations 18 :hmmm
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    Tony Blair finally apologizes for war in Iraq

    :hmmm you know the more I reason on it I bet they did that on purpose it so well fits their obvious future agenda :hmmm Its getting really sinister folks what is going on :hmmm
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    Tony Blair finally apologizes for war in Iraq

    Heistheway your absolutely right on about that :campfire most do believe his lethal stockpile wound up in Syria :idunno and that is why right as we speak the hotter side of it all is happening :marionettethe political straight jacket rhetoric is enough to burn down the house before we make...
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    :snoopy those new ""gag" orders folks will seemingly in the future be applicable to just about everything and the more disturbing thing is how they plan to brainwash us :salute free Americans into accepting it so much for the double standard agenda :splat
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    Tony Blair finally apologizes for war in Iraq

    :D good way to say it right on :p:lolsign you have to wonder what they brief these guys in the political straight jacket jargon to make them say some things :bossy It is humorous to wonder
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    Do You Have "God Moments" to share?

    :bouncies :amen I am glad you bumped it I have had so many God moments of recent , all I can say is Glory be to GOD :fish :hunchback:horn:horn we serve a mighty mighty Holy God who is able to do all things