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  1. InMidian

    It's my city's turn for riots A police officer shot a suspect 7 times in the back as he was walking away from him. People are going crazy...
  2. InMidian

    Before the Wrath dvd

    I bought a dvd called Before the Wrath, narrated by Kevin Sorbo. The dvd goes into detail about how weddings in Gaililee are planned and thus the reason Jesus doesn't know the time of His return. Jan Markell contributed to the explanation, Very interesting dvd.
  3. InMidian

    All summer in a day

    When I was a teenager, I saw a short movie called "All summer in a day" by Ray Bradbury. It's about a group of children on another world who have never seen the sun. It's always raining. The scientists predict that the sun will come out for an hour on a certain day. All the children doubt...
  4. InMidian

    Making light of a bad situation

    I'm so tired of the constant flood of news on the coronavirus. Rather than becoming fearful and depressed, I'm trying to focus on how our society may be benefitting from it. So, I'll ask......what positive aspects have you noticed or experienced from our current situation? Personally, I'm...