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  1. mikhen7

    The US Labor Shortage Explained

    The usual explanation, Baby Boomers retiring, people leaving lower paying jobs for higher, and less skilled workers in the market place. Guess what is conspicuously missing in this analysis?? There would be no labor shortage if Americans had not ABORTED Nearly 60 Million babies since 1973...
  2. mikhen7

    New Hollywood Movie "The Hunt" aimed at hunting down conservatives and killing them for fun

    I thought I had seen everything...look what the left is up to now. Seriously! They are acting out what will happen during the tribulation period and they do not even know it [i.e., Trib saints beheaded]. This is evil at its worst. The seeds are planted... Many will decry it but this seals the...
  3. mikhen7

    Russia Gains Stranglehold Over Persian Gulf

    This is huge. Just like Russia is now tied to Syria, she will also have bases in the Persian Gulf. It further cements the ties of Russia and Iran. Not that we did not know this. But this will most likely also be used by Iran (Persia) as a deterrent and/or as a measure of boldness in an attack on...
  4. mikhen7

    Breakthrough: Tel Aviv University Researchers Develop Melanoma Vaccine It is amazing to me, and a glory to God, that He allows such amazing breakthroughs to come from Israel!
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    California Considering Required Antisemitic Curriculum

    Pray this curriculum does not see the light of day, for the sake of the believers in that state.
  6. mikhen7

    Today's Breakpoint about El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy

    I wanted to say this is was good post. John does a good job in pointing out the evil that is in the world. But is anyone else tired of hearing: --> We need to ask what it is about our culture that’s producing these young...
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    5.5 off Philippines - Today 6.9 off Indonesia _ Today 5.5 and 5.8 and 6.8 Chile - Yesterday Do not know why I posted this, except there is 5 over 5
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    California Lawmakers Pass Resolution Blaming Religious People for High Suicide Rates in the LGBT Community

    Lawmakers in California have passed a resolution that singles out the state’s religious communities and forces them to fully support LGBT individuals. In an astonishing bid to have people of faith conform to the pervading progressive culture, the legislators even blamed religious...
  9. mikhen7

    Ben Carson Cites Study that if Implemented would Reduce Poverty ... its Biblical

    But ... As you all know, there are many things culturally and morally that inhibit it being effective. The 3 things from the study are: 1) Finish High School 2) Get Married 3) Wait until your married to have children In context, he was talking about his work in Baltimore at John Hopkins, and...
  10. mikhen7

    God’s Wrath, the Lamb Slain, and the Tribulation Period

    I have been a little annoyed at postribulationists lately, especially their viewpoint of when God unleashes His eschatological wrath. So I thought I would write a post and share. This is not an in-depth post on why we believe we will be kept from the hour of trial, but focuses on the wrath...
  11. mikhen7

    Seriously...Christian Cannabis Church ran by PornStar

    I actually was glad to hear the porn star turned her life to the Lord. But then I saw the Christian Cannabis Ministry.... Reminded me of the Pot smokers Near Waikiki in HI. I used to go down there with the Navigators and share Christ amongst the crowd on the blvd. However, the Hare Krishna's...
  12. mikhen7

    Iran Furious as UK Marines Seize Tanker Violating Sanctions Fuel for the fire of endtime events.
  13. mikhen7

    Israel to Host meeting between Russia and US

    I find this interesting considering the West is not involved in the Ezek. 38-39 war. It is these types of meetings IMO that parallel the diplomatic questioning Sheba, Dedan, the Merchants of Tarshish, and all their Young Lions pose as to why the Russian Islamic alliance invades Israel in Ezek...
  14. mikhen7

    Hezbollah Tunnel into Israel abd a video with IDF

    This is something that should be read and watched. Very interesting.
  15. mikhen7

    LGBTQ-abcfd effort to gain stance in Methodist church has got a new friend in the NY Times.

    We all were glad these past few weeks to see the UMC vote down the effort to walk away from true biblical standards as the LGBTQ crowds had hoped against. But now these LGBTQ adherents are crying foul. Did Improper Voting Skew the UMC’s Homosexuality Vote...
  16. mikhen7

    Social Justice, food for thought

    A lot has been said about the so-called "Social Gospel" here on the forums, but I ran across a couple of quotes I thought you all may like to read; First: While ecclesiastical humanitarian effort is not wrong in and of itself, such efforts should always be used as a platform to proclaim the...
  17. mikhen7

    Saudis Draw Line in the Sand for Christians Forgive me if I seem a bit skeptical. The reason is that the article begins with the Vatican and Pope Francis' intent for Christians in Saudi (Sheba/Dedan). With a pope who believes Muslims are of the same family as Christians, I would like...
  18. mikhen7

    Emmanuel Macron’s [Ten Nation] coalition of the willing

    PARIS — Impatient with German foot-dragging on defense, French President Emmanuel Macron will bring together a 10-nation coalition of the willing next month designed to prepare European armed forces to take action together in emergencies, and to bind Britain into military cooperation as it...
  19. mikhen7

    Thousands flee violence in mass exodus from Syrian towns

    It will not be long until, if we are still here, we will be reading of the the prophecies of Isa. 17 and Ezek. 38-39 in the paper or online. This is just my opinion. But read some of the text and ots pointers from this newly released news event. BEIRUT (AP) — Tens of thousands of terrified men...
  20. mikhen7

    How will Turkey's call for Jihad against Israel end? We know...

    Will Turkey Lead An End-of-Days Global Islamic Jihad Against Israel And The US? Read more at Written by a freelance writer and former IDF medic. If...