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  1. Randy B

    Happy Birthday Randy B!

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes ! God Bless you all !
  2. Randy B

    Is President Trump having medical problems?

    I saw the same thing in a link to a news story posted on twitter that looked credible. It wouldn't surprise me at all. I have been half expecting that they would eventually try and do to him what they did to JFK....
  3. Randy B

    Putin and Pence cancelled engagements. Interesting?

    I saw blurbs about worries that Israel might hit Iran's nuke facilities for crossing the line on their enriched Uranium stockpile......
  4. Randy B

    I am looking for the FOURTH Temple

    It will be built in God's perfect timing according to God's perfect plan. Far be it from me to questions His timing or His plan, what will be will be at the time the Great and Mighty God will's it.