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  1. Moonlight

    Why HASN'T the Rapture happened yet?

    I tend to stay away from this place now for my own sanity. That's not to say this place is terrible, but sometimes it can be a negative influence.
  2. Moonlight

    Why HASN'T the Rapture happened yet?

    Worried about your pets being left behind? Don't worry. If God leaves them here, then He has a purpose for them on earth. if God brings them with us, then He has a purpose for them in Heaven. Imagine the scenario of an outdoor cat/dog that gets left on earth after the Rapture. That pet can...
  3. Moonlight

    Where is heaven?

    I know suicide is a lot more complicated than just "I want to see Heaven right now" I should know, I was there, recently, and the only reason I am still alive is not because I stopped myself, but because God has some other purpose for me here that I don't know yet, and prevented me from dying.
  4. Moonlight

    Sharing the Gospel!

    That's good. I used to do schoolwork in the building of my university's Honor's College in my free-time. The day when I got the e-mail that our university would be getting rid of in-person classes last year in March, I left a paper with the message "Jesus loves you" on it on one of the...
  5. Moonlight

    I'm alive.

    I've got one request. I'm trying to reach out to someone who I believe God is leading me towards. Please pray that they see me and respond. It's really bothering me how long they are taking.
  6. Moonlight

    I'm alive.

    The following is what I sent to the people I reached out to. Hello, I am Zachary. On May 8th, at about 2:00 am, I attempted to commit suicide. I took 100 sleeping pills and a little bit of alcohol. I was trying to exit this earth and get to Heaven to be with Jesus. I took many measures to...
  7. Moonlight

    Millennium kingdom question

    GOD IS LOVE I must depart from this forum. I love you @Lovin Jesus in Christ. There is no more that I can handle from here. I pray that we are raptured soon to save us from our abject misery. Other than that, my mind is frayed and my heart cries out in agony. WE ARE HIS
  8. Moonlight

    Millennium kingdom question

    So basically, you're saying that a Church age believer only has to believe once, whereas a Trib believer has to continually believe for seven years?
  9. Moonlight

    Millennium kingdom question

    What do you think of 21 through 22? Does that imply insecurity for the Church, since this is directed at the Gentiles? I still don't quite understand from your post why God would have different requirements for salvation that would cut off those that would otherwise be a part of His family...
  10. Moonlight

    Millennium kingdom question

    You probably know by now my feelings on this subject. I know that you've been struggling, both physically and emotionally, I don't want you to think I am being condescending to you. I must simply outline my thoughts. I wonder why God would have different conditions for salvation for different...
  11. Moonlight

    Something Funny You Heard or Read Today

    I saw a YT video of a meme, here's a little bit of it. Guy: "What if daddy doesn't wanna walk?" Cat: Mraow Guy: "Oh," Cat: Mraow Guy: "You're just gonna keep making that sound?" Cat: Mraow! Guy: "Really, until daddy's head explodes?" Cat: . . . Cat: MRA-!
  12. Moonlight

    Millennium kingdom question

    I think we are only talking about physical immortality. The person will never cease to exist, but the fallen body may fail and cease functioning, leading to physical death if it may.
  13. Moonlight

    What was your favorite decade and why?

    Had to edit my comment because it was too negative, sorry guys :laugh
  14. Moonlight

    What was your favorite decade and why?

    I only have two to choose from. They’re both not too great :( In the 2000s, or the latter half of the 2000s when I had memory, I didn’t have all the same problems I have today, but still had to deal with the onset of my family’s financial collapse and difficulties... In the 2010s, I was...
  15. Moonlight

    What are they doing in heaven right now?

    When I now think of the New Jerusalem's cubical shape, I'm reminding of 3D fractals. You can look up a "Mandelbox" and see how intricate it is. It's a mathematical shape that reminds me of the NJ.
  16. Moonlight

    Cat owners to be forced to microchip pets as UK thefts soar

    My dark-haired cat that passed away last August used to regularly frequent the outdoors and the woods behind our house with her white long-haired brother. Then one night she came back alone with a frightened look, and our white cat had disappeared. It's possible he was run over, or attacked by...
  17. Moonlight

    What do you call a blanket that's completely white?

    Are we talking about guns now?
  18. Moonlight

    Wars and Rumors of War

    I can imagine them getting into those big sumo costumes to battle and going ham.
  19. Moonlight


    I think math might be a target to effect the logical reasoning of people. There’s a debate that math is discovered vs invented. If people go along with the idea that math is made up or that it doesn’t exist, then their idea of immaterial truths can be effected.