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  1. mattfivefour

    Is someone with sin in their life truly saved?

    I came across a 2017 article of mine about whether a person who sins is in fact truly saved. It seems to me to be a perennial question in Christian circles. So I am repeating it here. The issue is actually very simple, but it is not one that others can always judge. Only the individual can do...
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    The Certainty of the Pre-Tribulation, Pre-Millennial Rapture

    Because some people visiting Rapture Forums do not understand our firm position on the timing of the Rapture, I urge those with questions or differing views to go to our main page at and read the wealth of information that is contained in the more...
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    An independence Day message to my brothers and sisters.

    As a (legal) new American permanent resident, just 2 years and 3 months from being able to apply to become a citizen of this great nation, I want to wish all patriots a very happy Independence Day! God created this nation to be a source of light in a dark world. He led a group of persecuted...
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    Folks, we have been threatened with legal action for some materials that have been copied by members and posted on Rapture Forums. The articles are copyright by their authors. And for that reason we have been forced to remove some posts. Copyright infringement is no joke and penalties can be...
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    Trump acquitted in second impeachment trial.

    All Democrats and 7 Republicans voted to convict. But conviction required a 67 votes supermajority. So another fake impeachment trial ends in failure. Just like the first. Now, let's see the names of the seven Republicans and let's remove them from office.
  6. mattfivefour

    Practicing Thankfulness during a Pandemic

    by Sam Crabtree, author.of Practicing Thankfulness: Cultivating a Grateful Heart in All Circumstances. Biblical Gratitude There are two biblical kinds of gratitude. One way to be thankful in the midst of a hardship is to be thankful that it isn't worse. This kind of thankfulness isn’t the...
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    The Squirrel Problem

    The Presbyterian Church called a meeting to decide what to do about an infestation of squirrels. After much prayer and consideration, they concluded that the squirrels were predestined to be there, and the Church should not interfere with God's Divine will. Meanwhile at the Baptist Church, the...
  8. mattfivefour

    CCP citizen incidentally reveals American leftists are following CCP practices regarding controlling the media.

    While reading an article on a Chinese citizen who is bravely suing the CCP for his father's death which he attributes to their cover up of the truth about the Wuhan virus, I came across the following quote from the man. Who better to know how the Communist Chinese work than one of their...
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    Insurance Guy's Obituary (for those who missed it in his thread) The entire thread can be found starting here:
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    Evidence Communist China corrupted the election for Joe Biden

    Finally real journalism in America. Here is a brand new investigative documentary on the theft of the election, revealing who is behind it. This should be required watching for every American citizen who cares about this nation...
  11. mattfivefour

    President Trump, America needs you to act NOW!

    The editorial board at the Epoch Times has written their most dramatic call yet, saying that unless President Trump fulfills his oath of office and acts now to defend this country against it's enemies who are on the verge of taking it over, this nation will be lost. Here is their editorial...
  12. mattfivefour

    BLM founder's demonic cursing ritual revealed

    I received the following in an email from Mat Staver, the Chairman of Christians in Defense of Israel. ------ The truth about BLM's occult underpinnings is spreading, and BLM leader Patrisse Cullors is proud of her organization's demonic roots, calling BLM a "spiritual movement." On June 15...
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    A word to members about posting

    We have had to delete a good thread because some members got sideways with each other ... and with us. You know, we could be like mods on other boards and basically control what you can say and how you can express yourself. But we would rather allow you to be yourself. We step in when someone...
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    Azgal15 Thread

    I want to apologize to @azgal15 and everybody else. I accidentally while trying to merge two identical threads that she had started managed to delete them both. And they cannot be recovered. Fortunately I did save the text of her original post and I am posting it here I pray that everybody who...
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    God Bless The USA!

    As you know, we do not want You Tube videos posted on RF. It's a content thing that we have learned from bitter experience. All videos need to be carefully vetted by the admin team and the truth is we just do not have the time to vet every video that members might like to post. Thus the...
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    Evangelical pastors pander to radical Black Lives Matter

    An open letter to today's church leaders from Dr. Everett Piper (published this week in the Washington Times.) Dear woke evangelical pastors, What in the world is wrong with you? Why in God’s name would you stand in solidarity with an organization that seeks the destruction of Christianity...
  17. mattfivefour

    Ark Adventure with Dan is back on!!!

    I was tempted to put this in "Breaking News" but figured I'd better keep the board legit. :lol The Ark Adventure has been rescheduled! Dan and family and Andrea and I will be arriving there on Friday, June 26th , touring the Ark on Saturday the 27th, and heading back home on Sunday the...
  18. mattfivefour

    Souls are being won in a Muslim stronghold.

    Andrea has been ministering to a Ugandan missionary for a few years. He ministers in sub-Saharan Africa with Youth With A Mission. She and I are now preparing to work more closely with him and his team, as the Lord just today opened some doors and we feel definitely led by Him to do so. We...
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    Response to a question by a now banned member

    Warum, in the hope that you are still reading here despite having been removed from forum membership due to your persistent references to false teachers and preachers despite having been warned against doing so, I have written the following. I pray it helps you. My friend, you posed an...
  20. mattfivefour

    China lying significantly about coronavirus numbers

    Wuhan residents say coronavirus figures released by China don't add up From the article: "Chinese officials, desperate to recast the country as a global leader that has conquered the...