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    the angel of the Lord

    I agree with your theophany angel of the Lord theory...since God is spirit he would have to manifest as an angelic apparation to converse with men in those instances, but there are numerous angels in revelation that are doing things and saying things, and in Rev.21:1 thru Rev.22 it seems like...
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    Newsweek on Huckabee

    Throwing stones is irrelavant, and no-ones claiming to be without sin...Christians are just sick of voting for the same ol' turkeys time and again. any candidate for president needs to have their histories put under a microscope...listening to their "hot air" empty promises just insults peoples...
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    Newsweek on Huckabee

    It's documented..Huckabee's an unscrupulous politician...bends or breaks rules whenever it profits him...he's a liberal liar , hiding behind a cloak of religeon and conservitivism.. see:
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    Is following Paul's Gospel alone heretical to some ?

    Those of us from the dispensational camp are not intending to divide the body, and concerning salvation,it is not an Important issue IMO,as long as a person accepts Christ as Lord and Savior..The focus of my intent and belief is to show people that being,trying and working to be a good Christian...
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    Is following Paul's Gospel alone heretical to some ?

    Peter Ruckman stated in one of His Newsletters that to Preach eternal security of the Church age Believer is to preach the ''Truth"' undisputable if one rightly divides the scripture (2 Ti.2:15 ), but...that he would not preach this openly from the pulpit. Why ? Because in Acts9:15.."for he...
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    Why in the back of the hand or the forehead?

    Plus the fact that chipped animals are developing tumors and other complications,studies with chinese chips you could get cancer plus maybe lead or toxic poisoning...gotta love that technology !
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    Why in the back of the hand or the forehead?

    Ever see the movie"Minority Report" ? They have scanners everywhere that scan peoples eye retinas to ID them and locate them.It would also seem logical to implant the chip in a place on the body easily scanned at a distance looking towards a person,(forehead),or when your'e walking thru a...
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    Ruh-Ro, its the Amero

    I think it's interesting that the coin pictured appears to be copper,or copper coated. Copper is a continually renewable recource that is used in almost every kind of elecronic-electromagnetic-and nuclear manufacturing.There will ALWAYS be a demand for it.It's conductivity gives it it's...
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    Internet censorship spreading: OSCE study

    I wonder if the church will be driven underground before or after the rapture.No more Internet Free speech ? Then no more Home or Private schools ?Then Churches Isolated and suppressed economically and politically even more than they already are ?I hope the rapture occurs soon to spare the...
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    My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

    If Jesus was in all ways tempted as we,He needed ,as captain of our salvation,to meet certain conditions to redeem our fallen Adamic nature.I couldn't find the verse I was looking for,but It seems that by saying"My God,why hast thou forsaken me",he was near death , and was experiencing death as...
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    Cover a Multitude of Sins?

    Sorry,I was trying to lay groundwork to try to clarify what We(Gentilechurchmember and I) Believe, and I didn't cover the verse in question.We have redemption from sin in this dispensation of Grace,the early Jewish Church only had remission of sin,so they could fall away(Matt.12:31 , Acts 5:3-10...
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    Cover a Multitude of Sins?

    Looking to the context of the chapter,you have to weigh the facts.Paul is OUR Apostle to the GENTILES in this Dispensation.James is a Jew,teaching early acts and / or Tribulation doctrine here.Consider v.14,15 "pray over..anoint with oil..prayer of faith shall heal the sick..Lord shall raise him...
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    Earthquake Swarm off Oregon Coast

    In 1993 we had 2 4.5 + earthquakes epicentered around Scotts Mills,Or,'bout 15 miles Sw of Mt. Hood. Didn't L.A. have that strong one in 1992 that collapsed that section of Freeway ? I would tend to believe that maybe we could be ready for more activity on the Pacific Coast , judging from these...
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    NAFTA superhighway extends north

    The seemingly manipulated decline of the dollar tells me that this all is staged. Next they'll announce that were going to a currency that's good for anywhere/anyone. Won't that be convenient ? Just another curious coincidence that will solve all our problems and make us all one happy Bi-lingual...
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    Union Or Fellowship?

    I never categorized the verses in that way before! Union,Gift,fellowship and prize verses . Great ! And in that order too !Jack Kelly is a good study.Yes,I agree,that union through Christ's sacrifice on the cross is how were saved.All else is equipping of the saints and applies to merits.But...
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    Nanotechnology:feasable or fantasy ?

    A noted Author and Theologian on RR has proposed the possible development of what is referred to as Molecular Manufacturing using Nanotechnology.If I grasped the Concept at all,it is essentially millions of microscopic robots capable of Replicating and synthesizing products out of available raw...
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    Help me answer this question

    Don't know,not a catholic,I could edit or I'll recant by saying"God's overshadowing".
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    Dawn Of The Era Of Common-ism

    There went the Neighborhood ! Real Estate values,quality of life,wages,schools and everything else soon to be circling right behind it right into the toilet !
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    Help me answer this question

    I looked in II Chron.34-36 but couldn't find it.I read one author's book where he claims the Paternal King's line stopped with Conaih(God's Decree),and it would be later re-instated with God's own Immaculate conception of Mary.The maternal line of David then carries the bloodline that...
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    Believing Fables and Doctrines of Demons

    Yes ,Ruth,good points,good references."And evil men and imposters will wax worse and worse"We see it all around us,people who,like some of us before our conversion to Christ,have their conscience seered,accepting falsehoods,pursuing pet theologies,following blind traditions.Examples;(my...