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    Is following Paul's Gospel alone heretical to some ?

    Peter Ruckman stated in one of His Newsletters that to Preach eternal security of the Church age Believer is to preach the ''Truth"' undisputable if one rightly divides the scripture (2 Ti.2:15 ), but...that he would not preach this openly from the pulpit. Why ? Because in Acts9:15.."for he...
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    Nanotechnology:feasable or fantasy ?

    A noted Author and Theologian on RR has proposed the possible development of what is referred to as Molecular Manufacturing using Nanotechnology.If I grasped the Concept at all,it is essentially millions of microscopic robots capable of Replicating and synthesizing products out of available raw...
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    Make Sense Of The Bible !

    My good Friend Greg taught me to right division of the word of God,after I told him I struggled with doctrinal perplexities.I highly recomend Doug Stauffer's book ,"One Book Rightly Divided".