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  1. athenasius

    Is the universe under the curse of sin?

    appreciate that! Of course the whole point of the universe under the curse is about entropy aka the Second Law of Thermodynamics which is easily proven otherwise. I won't use that argument again for the young earth or as a side point of entropy. LOL I could simply use the illustration of...
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    Senior Israeli Official: Israel disappointed with Biden administration's Iran policy

    No kidding, but what did they expect from Biden whose motto is undo everything Trump did or do the total opposite of Trump.
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Oh thank the Lord you got one. I was feeling bad for you (in spite of my evil habit of joking about everything) Well the last of my 2 cookbooks I ordered came in today, Betty Crocker Lost Recipes and I'm making Texas Hash which is a ground beef, tomatoes, chili powder and rice thing with...
  4. athenasius

    America Is Running Out of Everything

    I remember that one, we have that series, love them. I think some of the shortages look very regional. Our grocery shelves here in the south central BC area are fine. My friend up in north central BC says much the same in her area too. The odd thing is out of stock, but that happens anyways...
  5. athenasius

    Prophetic Ponderings

    I think that is the Holy Spirit giving us that desire and that hope. It's why the early Christians said Maranatha all the time to each other. That prayer in a word that God would send Jesus to get us SOON, like immediately.
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    What Did You Do Today?

    I ordered 2 new cookbooks that I got on Kindle earlier, and liked them so much when George asked what I might want from Amazon I got them hardcover and the last one arrived today. Betty Crocker's Lost Recipes. I'm making Texas Hash out of that one. The other is also Betty Crocker Best 100. I...
  7. athenasius

    Is the universe under the curse of sin?

    because God created all things, in the 6 days of Creation. And that includes the universe which the earth is nestled into. Although the universe is impossibly vast for us to contemplate, that act of sin, the fall put the whole thing all at once under the law of sin and death. Decay, and the...
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    LOL no shortage here, but us canny canucks probably ate up all your turkeys in advance by carefully scheduling Thanksgiving AHEAD of America. We are like that sometimes :lol :hug shhhh, I'll share my freezer stash with you but don't tell anyone k? Meanwhile I'm fixing leftover broccoli and...
  9. athenasius

    What Did You Do Today?

    I made soup, then the lure of RF drew me in while George napped. Not much else will get done, but dinner, and that is sole and leftover broccoli. LOL sounds SO inspiring when I put it that way but I will gussy it up a bit.
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    America Is Running Out of Everything

    :scoregood I couldn't agree more!!!!
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    Prophetic Ponderings

    I really understand. The headlines can be a real punch to the stomach. I gloss over them as you do, and the rest of us, but it is hard to focus on Christ and His soon return when the focus seems to be on how bad it is here and now. I think back to the moment the Jews neared entering the...
  12. athenasius

    Apophis: What you should know about the asteroid skimming by Earth in 2029

    Well there are 2 possibilities. It hits. It doesn't hit. Either way, God is in control. Meantime, I do get a chuckle out of the usual scientist's habit of naming things. It's like a bunch of little kids who want to be relevant and important. And an extra on a sci fi show or something. I kind...
  13. athenasius

    Do dogs miss us when we are gone? A "talking" dog offers insights

    Oh they do indeed miss us and other members of their pack. Our old Samoyed gentleman didn't appreciate me leaving the house without him. When I'd get back he had very gently bitten down on one of the aluminum slat blinds on the window by our door. Just enough to leave a single toothprint, and...
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Turkey parts go on sale after thanksgiving, and George scored us some turkey thighs which I'm baking on a foil lined tray. I plan to serve them with cranberry sauce, broccoli and some box stuffing for a fun re run of Thanksgiving dinner.
  15. athenasius

    Puppy Siblings Adopted by Different Families Immediately Recognize Each Other During Walks One Year Later

    Dogs (and yes, cats, birds, guinea pigs and ducks-- to name some others people on the forums share their lives with) are wonderful. We don't deserve them, but God created them anyway to bless us even in a fallen world.
  16. athenasius

    morning blessings

    Oh Betty, you and your husband, daughter in law and grandchildren are in our nightly prayers. NO I don't "tire" of hearing you talk about the grief. Here's why I've walked thru the valley, and everything rings hollow at that time. Even scripture can sound hollow. But what does comfort is...
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    Will Turkey destabilize northern Syria again? - analysis

    Now that is interesting. Ancient Jewish historical sources link Germany with Turkey as 2 distant relatives --both descendants of Gomer. There is that reference in Ezekiel 38:6 to Gomer and all her bands. That might hint at growing support between Germany and Turkey as unlikely as that seemed a...
  18. athenasius

    Bennett to ask Putin to press Iran to remove forces from Israeli border

    Good luck with that Bennett! Like Biden, Russia won't do anything unless it's in their own interests to do so. I keep wondering if Bennett regrets letting go of Israel's precious rights to strike first, talk later. The first thing this new Israeli team did was to lay that advantage down and...
  19. athenasius

    What Did You Do Today?

    Janice that sounds terrific, I remember when you were thinking about it. I'm gearing up to a nice fall cleaning. The hard floors that we put in place of the carpet have worked well, but I want to do my windows and wash the curtains and do a deep clean.