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    Superman comes out as bisexual

    Same here. I watch zero TV and when I do watch a movie it's almost always an older one, usually from the 80's. The "entertainment" industry these days is a disgrace and society would be much better off without it.
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    Superman comes out as bisexual

    Imagine what this world will look like if we're all still here 20 years from now. Evil never stops, every form of perversion will be on full display at that point including pedophilia and every other kind of evil. It will all be openly celebrated and it's very likely Christianity will be...
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    California moves toward ban on gas lawn mowers and leaf blowers

    I realize it's not convenient to pick up and move to a new state, especially if you don't work from home, but I honestly can't imagine living there. It's the guinea pig state for every idea globalists want to implement worldwide. Other than NY I can't think of anywhere I'd want to live less than...
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    Minnesota middle school removes F’s from its grading system to fight systemic racism,

    In other words, "minorities, we don't believe you're capable of achieving anything at all". Minorities overwhelmingly voting Democrat in America is the most pristine example of the effectiveness of propaganda in perhaps world history.
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    Trump again hints at 2024 presidential run

    Not that I believe the establishment would ever let him win again, but honestly I can't believe Melania would allow him to run. I doubt she wants to go through the 24-hour per day attack on her family for another four years.
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    Furious Parents Attend California School Board Meeting Where Radical Antifa Teacher is Set to be Fired After Project Veritas Exposé

    The most irritating part of that video, and I watched the entire thing, was the woman holding up the "Times Up" sign. They let a literal terrorist attempt to turn children into terrorists, for years, yet want to silence the parents for having something to say about it. Incredible. The most...
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    Explosion gunfire outside Kabul airport.

    I imagine he's on many medications. They get him nice and juiced up when he has to say anything publicly.
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    Pentagon Deploying 3,000 U.S. Troops Back to Afghanistan in ‘Temporary’ Mission

    The man is a fool and as incompetent and corrupt as they come. The fact he received anything other than zero votes is indicative of the totally broken society we live in. But none of this matters to be honest, unless people's TV's tell them to care about something, they most likely won't. This...
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    OnlyFans model says naked strip videos are what 'God wants her to do'

    My own grandmother makes the "misogyny" argument. "The Bible was written by men", is why she refuses to believe it's the word of God. As a life long catholic she also believes Mary lived a completely sin-free life, which no doubt stems from her desire to have a woman be equal to a man when it...
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    Trump's former press secretary: He will run in 2024

    We also have to remember many horrible things have happened throughout history. Hitler came to power, as well as many other murderous dictators. God allowed all of it. My point is that while God clearly can accomplish anything, it doesn't mean he will. He has his own reasons, and maybe allowing...
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    Trump's former press secretary: He will run in 2024

    I have to completely disagree here. The media, Hollywood, our school system, every social media site/tech company, and the entire banking industry are controlled by these people. The media alone shapes the reality of hundreds of millions of people. They can create any narrative they want...
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    Trump's former press secretary: He will run in 2024

    The next Republican to win a general election will be a "Republican". I'm 41 and believe I'll never see a true conservative potus for the remainder of my life. The system is now fully rigged and three more years with the demon currently occupying the white house certainly isn't going to change...
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    Third police officer who responded to Jan. 6 attack dies by suicide

    There are Black Friday riots that dwarf the Capitol "attack". As usual we have another orchestrated event followed by a silencing of those most likely to expose it.
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    Designer who won't make same-sex wedding websites loses case

    They could let the free market dictate things, as it's designed to do, but they don't go that route because they know most people don't mind the Christian florist/baker/whatever running their business as they see fit. So they take it to the courts knowing how anti-christian everything in our...
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    Atlanta Braves to keep name, look into famed 'tomahawk chop' celebration

    Guardians, a fitting name since they're guarding the feelings of mentally weak fools.
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    South Africa — The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory” — Officially Implodes

    A good point, if people understood we have common enemies, the media, corrupt governments, and the "entertainment" industry, we could work together and in mere weeks have an entirely new world. Modern day society puts up with corruption and evil far more than former generations would have...
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    South Africa — The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory” — Officially Implodes

    And that's exactly the goal of CRT, to completely rip apart a society. None of what the left does is for the betterment of mankind, their actions are always sinister and transparent if you understand their goals. Divide people into different groups and pit them against each other, this is their...
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    Mural Honoring George Floyd in Toledo, Ohio Destroyed by Lightning Strike

    The left has an interesting stable of heroes. They recently marched in the streets because someone had been put to death via the death penalty. He raped a teen girl, doused her with gasoline, threw her in the trunk of a car and burned her alive. This is who they marched for. They don't want...
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    President of Haiti Assassinated

    I'm honestly a bit surprised Pelosi and what she would or wouldn't do are up for debate. The left is advocating for abortion up to the day of delivery. They're advocating for the murder of a fully developed child, seconds from birth and even post birth. Not only would Pelosi have someone killed...
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    Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized Friends and Family

    Cool. If anyone Biden and Harris knows has any integrity, they'll be the first two reported.