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  1. madcat

    Bill Clinton hospitalized with sepsis

    I just read a post from Lou Dobbs onTelegram, that Bill Clinton was hospitalized with sepsis this p.m. I am sure there is more out there, but I do not “do” FakeBook and ”Litter”.
  2. madcat

    Franklin TN flood video

    This video was just posted on NextDoor by a local with a drone, capturing the flooding in the Franklin, TN area last week. Excellent video, and this was after approx. 8” of rain. The 2010 flood was 14” in 24 hrs., so MUCH worse than this flood. The Harper river snakes through and around this...
  3. madcat

    Apple preparing to update apple phones and cut off access to Emergency Broadcasting

    Just saw this posted from Lin Wood and the owner of Parler, and others who are following this rapid shut down of communication avenues for conservatives. Parler shuts down tomorrow at midnight for at least a week, until they can rebuild the site and secure servers. And just reported about an...
  4. madcat

    Ginsburg retiring in January 2019

    Santa Monica Observer reports Ginsburg will retire in January. Her cancer has returned. Interesting article says she informed key members of the Dems of her return of colon/pancreatic cancer just before the Kavanaugh hearings, which promoted the extreme attempt to keep him off SCOTUS. Looks...