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  1. Nemophilist

    Alec Baldwin kills one and injures another with a prop gun.

    Great point! I was taught that you shouldn't point a gun at anything you don't mind destroying
  2. Nemophilist

    Alec Baldwin kills one and injures another with a prop gun.

    Such a tragedy. If it's not illegal to have live rounds on movie sets, it should be. I sure hope this causes Mr. Baldwin to re-think his life and come to Jesus.
  3. Nemophilist

    America’s Onrushing Collapse!

    That was my first thought too after reading this. Putting strong conservatives into office sounds great, but how to actually do that?
  4. Nemophilist

    Riders Held Up Cellphones As Woman Was Raped on SEPTA Train

    That is sickening. How much more like the "days of Noah" do we need to get before He comes for us? It sure looks like we're there right now!
  5. Nemophilist

    President Biden To Have Physical "Soon"

    Not sure why they even bother to release that info to the public. All they're going to say is 'the doc says the president is in great health to lead the country for the rest of his term' :rolleyes:
  6. Nemophilist

    As It Was In The Days Of Noah

    Amen! And I have to say, man's behavior is ALREADY unbearably wicked, so how much closer is it? Today would be great!
  7. Nemophilist

    Bill Clinton hospitalized with sepsis

    I know exactly what you mean. :(
  8. Nemophilist

    Biden wants to make a 'fundamental change'

    "Fundamentally change America" sounds like something that just came out of Obama's mouth. I'm sure he's one the the ones who are really calling the shots from the shadows
  9. Nemophilist

    America Is Running Out of Everything

    What a useful thread! The membership warehouses around here have a 1-per-customer policy on paper towel purchases. Maybe tp too, I haven't checked. We stocked up pretty well on tp back at the beginning of covid.
  10. Nemophilist

    California moves toward ban on gas lawn mowers and leaf blowers

    I wouldn't want to live there either o_O. I really feel for all the Christians there, who would like to relocate to another state, but have jobs and extended families they don't want to leave.
  11. Nemophilist

    Just my .02 on dreams

    Yes! Me too! If I'm too warm or sick with a fever I will have strange nightmarish dreams. Very unpleasant.
  12. Nemophilist

    Incident this afternoon

    Never thought of it that way! Food for thought. I just wanted to add to the great advice given here, there is no condemnation to those who are in Jesus Christ! I think you did the right thing.
  13. Nemophilist

    A Local Sign of the Times

    The exact same thing happened where I live. Georgia has always been a red state (with the exception of the city of Atlanta). But this past election cycle, almost every election was won by a liberal. Even the local school board posts. No doubt in my mind it was fraud. :mad:
  14. Nemophilist

    Pre-Rapture Poll

    It's ok with me either way. I just want to go... the sooner the better!
  15. Nemophilist

    Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsupp app are down

    That seems to fit. Would not be at all surprised.
  16. Nemophilist

    Minnesota middle school removes F’s from its grading system to fight systemic racism,

    Right! I would be so furious! I guess now we should just give everyone an "E" for effort. There will be no incentive for kids to do better, since they cannot be given a failing grade. smh
  17. Nemophilist

    A "Horse Soldier" Army Vet Rescues Nearly 1,000 Americans Out of Afghanistan

    So glad! Thank the Lord! I just hope Lt. Col. Blackburn will not allow Biden to take credit. And I'm sure he'll try.
  18. Nemophilist

    What are the misconceptions about your state.

    Georgia isn't filled with racism either. In our church, the senior pastor is black, his wife is Latino, and the majority of the congregation is white :laugh
  19. Nemophilist

    What are the misconceptions about your state.

    Wow! I had no idea Canada had that type of area!