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    Maybe legal advice?

    Hi! My husband purchased an iPadAir locally off of eBay, and we received it fine, wrong box, but whatever. I go to charge it and the charger won’t fit...informed the seller and he said he sent the wrong charger, he will replace the charger. I’ve setup the data plan on Verizon but I’ve never...
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    Nigerian pastor quote I saw

    On Instagram I ran across a Christian channel that had a picture of this Nigerian pastor on it and the quote saying “If God does not own you, He doesn’t owe you.” what are your thoughts?
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    30yr Yoga ban is lifted on yoga in schools in Alabama :-( So yoga can be practiced without anyone questioning the spiritual dangers to the kids :-(
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    Amos 1:6-8

    I was flipping through my Bible looking for something else and I loved seeing “says the Lord” on Amos, so I stopped and saw “Gaza” in this Scripture. Is Edom current day Jordan? Ashkelon is a little north of Gaza, but it seems like this Scripture is pretty comparable to today? Maybe? I don’t...
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    Am I being prideful? Or self-critical?

    This may be silly, sorry lol. I’ve been saved, baptized, and studying the Word since 2016...while I know there are a ton of awesome things I still need to learn in the Bible, I feel I have most of the basics down. I love doing Bible studies, lately I’m doing inductive with David Jeremiah’s...
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    Polyamorous is now ok

    This was an article I just read off another End Times website: ——- The Massachusetts city of Cambridge has put in place a measure that recognizes domestic partnerships of more than two people, euphemistically referred to a polyamorous “families,” which in practice means sexual relationships...
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    Spiritually exhausted from Revelation

    Is this normal? Last night I took to Revelation and color coded different things which caused me to read and refresh myself on the book. I made it to the six seals and just couldn’t keep going...then the next day I started from the end and was going to the middle and still had to stop. So I am...
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    Christian book regarding puberty

    I have an 8yr old daughter whom I’d love to read a book with about the subject...I want to be the one teaching her before kids at school start with their “knowledge”. I found 2 books on Amazon, but both books actually have LGBTQ and “you may be a girl but feel like a boy sometimes” messages, and...
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    Please pray for these moms to have a change of heart

    This was from an article I read from newsmax on Friday 2/19/21 —- South Carolina’s new law banning most abortions was suspended by a federal judge Friday on its second day in effect. Judge Mary Geiger Lewis put a 14-day temporary restraining order on the law and will renew it until she can...
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    Jews returning to Israel

    How is this part of prophecy? Who are they considering as a Jew? I ask because I have a Jewish man from Israel as a coworker and he’s very informative in my understanding of current events and the reality of Israel. he isn’t going back lol. He did say Palestinians and those in Israel are for...
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    JoJo Siwa just came out as gay :-(

    Not breaking news or world events, but thought I’d share. She’s a talented dancer from Dance Moms and singer pop star that young kids look up to with Nickelodeon I think? She sold the massive bows that my daughter just loved a couple years ago. ——- "I'm not ready to say this answer because I...
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    I posted a prayer request for this Bible study I’ll be hosting via zoom with my girlfriends- I’m super nervous lol. I was hoping to have some background info as the intro to the study, so was wondering if anyone has any cool tidbits or takeaways from Romans? Or even the cultural part of the...
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    My customer’s doctrine

    I’m a mail carrier and have been on the same route for a couple years, so customers have opened up to me and we’ll talk about our faith and Jesus without worry in my part of I crossed the work-religion talk line. One customer would talk about being Christian, but she had attended weekly Bible...
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    I think they passed this bill? (A bill that lets children 11 and up decide on vaccines without parental consent, at schools as well!) I’m not too savvy in this field, but what’s next? Does it go through a process...
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    The 3 1/2yrs of good after Rapture

    I had a random thought pop in my head earlier today...usually by random I assume the Holy Spirit lol- I wonder if that time of bliss from the Antichrist will be because Christ- Followers’ houses, land, bank accounts, anything of value really- all that stuff will be left behind making people...
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    Absolutely terrifying law that is trying to get passed for vaccinations of underage kids bypassing parental consent or awareness!

    (I found this on the “Rapture Ready news” associated with this site.)- New DC law strips parents of legal guardianship, allows predators to coerce children to vaccinate against their parent’s knowledge...
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    Ninja Foodi Grill xl

    Hello! I just bought this awesome indoor grill/air fryer/dehydrated - anyone have one also? Fave recipes?
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    “ God bless you!”

    Silly question, but what do you say when someone says this? I’m a mail carrier and I only have about 2secs to react, so I usually say “you as well!” with a smile, but not sure if I should be saying something different? Like when I hear “God is good” I know “all the time” is my answer lol...just...