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    Self defense in the Word

    Is self defense Biblical? I hope this doesn't seem like a silly question but I sincerely seek opinions. Trying to find Bible verses to support the concept. I ask because a home in our neighborhood was broken into. The people weren't home at the time. If they were home, is it ok with God if they...
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    2 questions, curious...

    Does anyone know how to go about standing up for the prisoners of the Jan 6 protest? I read that they are being malnourished and tortured and no one can visit them. I could be wrong? Praying for them regardless if they are guilty of crimes or not. Why don't they get visitors? Isn't that a...
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    Is common sense a Biblical concept?

    I was raised in an abusive, neglectful environment. I don't have "common sense" unless I learn something. I feel common sense is a tool for ppl to judge others with...a pride thing. Is it even Biblical? Ty
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    Can someone please explain who the goats are in the judgement? They said they did works in Jesus' Name but God says He never knew them. How do I know that God KNOWS me and that through abiding in Him any works I do to the least of these will please Him? How can ppl do works in His Name and...