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  1. Cloud Watcher

    Minnesota middle school removes F’s from its grading system to fight systemic racism, Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake announced that teachers would no longer give “F” grades to students. For the 2021-22 school year...
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    Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

    Happy Autumn, everyone. It won't be long til those of us with trees will have to get out our rakes. It will be time for sweaters and warm bowls of soup. The days will get shorter, and the nights longer. That said, I'm already looking forward to SPRING!
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    Taliban said Music Forbidden in Islam

    I just read that the taliban murdered an Afghan folk singer because music is forbidden in islam. What a joyless religion. So glad I'm a Christian and I am free to sing to the Lord all the day long. Even if I'm not singing aloud, my head is always full of music.
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    So sick of the alphabet soup perversion being normalized

    I just read that it has been decided to have Batman's pal Robin start dating a man. Really? Is that really necessary to the progression of the crime fighting scenario. I'm also tired of reading along in a normal fiction book, such as the cozy mysteries I enjoy, when up pops a same sex couple...
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    Tomato Plants

    At the beginning of spring I bought a cherry tomato plant. It wasn't more than 18 inches tall at the time. After a couple months a few baby tomatoes started to appear. It took a long time for them to get big and ripe enough to eat. In the meantime, the plant seemed to become envious of Jack's...
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    New Topic: Oxymorons

    I was in the dollar store this morning and saw KJV Bibles on a shelf. I picked up one and looked at the wrapper. Made in China. China hates Christianity. So why are they producing something that is against what they stand for, something they persecute? Oxymoronic. Your turn.
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    I've been thrown a curve

    Last month I posted a thread asking about Texas. My son was planning to buy property and move there. He talked about wanting a 5 acre place so his 2 Mastiffs (which I refer to as the Hounds of the Baskervilles) would have a place to run. I was supposed to go with him. I've been sharing his house...
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    I just a headline that made me laugh

    More than 41,000 people have signed petitions to stop Jeff Bezos from returning to earth after his trip to space next month. Throw in a bunch of democrats, and I'll sign too! :bouncies
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    Persecution of Christian Business Owners

    I saw that Colorado baker Jack Phillips is in trouble again. This time for not making a "gender transition" cake. I am thinking he ought to move to a more welcoming state, because the harassment isn't likely to stop. Or he should stop making any kind of custom cakes, and just sell whatever is in...
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    Tell me about Texas

    One of my son's friends is a real estate investor, who makes a living flipping houses. After his friend took a recent trip to Texas and told him about the money making potential about buying property there, he now wants to move there. He flew down there Sunday to spend a week of his vacation...
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    Time for bombardment by the annoying alphabet soup people

    June used to be known as the month for weddings, graduations, Fathers Day, and the beginning of summer. I hate that it is overshadowed by all forms of perversion under the banner of "pride", and the usurpation of the sign of God's covenant....the rainbow. It isn't enough that they get a day, or...
  12. Cloud Watcher

    Anyone from Idaho here?

    I just saw 2 separate articles that made me laugh at the political theater. While the governor was out of state, the Lt governor wrote an executive order banning mask mandates. In the second article, the governor returned and reversed her executive order, saying it was an abuse of power and...
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    It's a Mystery

    What is the point of Walmart having 20 checkout stands, but only using 4? There is one designated express lane, but it is never open. There are 2 large self checkout areas---one at each end of the store, but only have one open? The lines for everything are very long. You can spend 10 minutes...
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    Toddler Archie in school

    The poor kid is only 2, but Harry and Megan appear to have already enrolled him in California's indoctrination system. Is that how early England requires kids to go to school? So he gets to learn how the white race, including his dad, is bad, and that he can become a girl if he wants. He can be...
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    Any adventurous ladies here?

    My oldest granddaughter, who just turned 30 last week, is going on a 2 week trip to hike in some national parks...ALL BY HERSELF. She had been planning the trip for awhile, but couldn't get one of her friends to go with her. Her parents and I are nervous. My son wishes he could go with her, but...
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    I miss the old days of sexual normalcy

    I just finished the e-checkin for a medical appointment tomorrow. First was the usual confirm address and phone number, current meds, etc. Then there was a new section: sex listed on drivers license, sex at birth, sexual orientation, preferred gender. On orientation I had to scroll clear down to...
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    covid 19 hate crimes act

    I just turned on the tv. The headline on the bottom of the screen said biden just signed this bill. Why do we need another law? We already have plenty of laws to deal with a wide variety of crimes....assault, murder, vandalism, etc. Can't the DA just add the word aggravated to any crime. Which...
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    2020 Congressional Ratings Since 1989, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) has examined roll call votes to help identify which members of Congress have defended taxpayer interests and which have backed away from their promises of fiscal responsibility. The...
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    One Problem With Warmer Weather Is..........

    Bananas get overripe too soon. Then it's time to make banana bread! Mmm, my house smelled so good last night. I have found a simpler way to do it than measuring out all the ingredients. I use the Duncan Hines Banana Supreme Cake Mix, and just add the oil, eggs, and 3 or 4 bananas. That cake mix...
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    Buzzfeed quizzes

    I've been doing some out of curiosity. I especially like the Disney princess ones and the wedding dress ones. I'm such a romantic. I do other types too. The ones determining personality types are usually pretty close. The ones claiming they can predict my exact age are completely nuts. They have...