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  1. yrrek

    RF in the Library of Congress? I find this really interesting. When I was looking something up I saw a government website with the Rapture Forums mentioned. IDK why it is just so funny to me. They are apparently keeping tabs on us.
  2. yrrek

    How do you teach your kids about sex?

    I’ve been avoiding this subject and would rather just skip this altogether. However, I know I can’t. When do you talk to them about this? My son will be 12 soon. In my eyes he’s still that little baby. I was hoping my husband would take this but he says he doesn’t want to. It’s uncomfortable but...
  3. yrrek

    How’s your summer?

    It feels like summer didn’t really happen and is not really happening now. It’s got a fall feel. All it’s done here in lovely Ohio is rain. It is also the first summer without my dad. He died in January and I’m struggling to accept this. In a few weeks, school is supposed to start. With talk...
  4. yrrek

    Dragging the classics

    So, I was watching an old tv show from like the 90s when this commercial came on for a show “Dragging up the classics.” now… they are taking down the oldies. I don’t know what to say. Why is there so much push to make this normal? Why...
  5. yrrek

    Wish I had some company.

    In a few weeks, I am going to be going to a festival. I booked everything originally in 2019 for the year 2020 but everything got pushed a year back. Anyway, I have a whole lake house to already paid for. Since everything was pushed another year, no one is going. So, I'm going to be spending 4...
  6. yrrek

    I need to get this out somewhere.

    I'm struggling right now. And, I'm not really sure why. My heart is so soft. Sometimes, I hate it. I hate that I care about people to the degree I do. Because I know what it's like to hurt, I will wound myself in order to keep someone else from being wounded. (In an emotional/spiritual sense)...
  7. yrrek

    Food prices are rough

    So things are starting to get scary in the stores. Things are missing or super expensive. I use to buy a pack of bell peppers for 1.98 and when I went to get some a few days ago it was... wait for it... $8.00!!!! My dh came home the other day with a dragon fruit cause he wanted to try one... a...
  8. yrrek

    Slander and talking bad

    I need some verses pertaining to those who hear bad talk. There’s a situation and I’m trying to understand how to navigate it. I’ve been looking into this but most of what I see has to do with those who partake in gossip and bad talk but not so much on those who hear it and how it effects them...
  9. yrrek


    I have someone in my life that complains A LOT. No matter what solutions you give them... there’s always an excuse on why it won’t work and how it’s impossible to change. But there’s so much that person could do that would be beneficial. They just won’t do it. How would you deal with this? Part...
  10. yrrek

    Violence on the Earth

    Does anyone else ever wonder how violent the world was before the flood? Or think about how bad Sodom and Gomorrah was? As things unfold more violent and crazy everyday... I just keep wondering what things were like then. How far we will have to fall as a society before Jesus finally comes...
  11. yrrek

    Another police shooting. This is in my area. I’m glad I don’t live in Columbus but this teens family lives in a smaller town right next to our town. There have been a lot of BLM protests there. Now I’m...
  12. yrrek

    National sexual assault day. It’s hard to see how anyone could say this even as a joke. But it makes me think of lot where all the men in his town tried to break his door down so they could rape...
  13. yrrek

    Today’s message My church family has been growing so fast since 2020. We didn’t livestream before the shutdowns and when mentioning it prior to the shutdown he said “That will be the next pastor, not me.” (His wife and I joke that his comment is why the pandemic...
  14. yrrek

    A question about psalm 91:4

    He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. This verse talks about feathers and wings. Is this where the idea of angle wings came from?
  15. yrrek

    Best resources for new Christians

    This last Saturday, we had my grandfathers celebration of life service where 5 people accepted Christ. Out of the 5 my step mother was one of them. I was the only practicing Christian in my immediate family but I began believing as a kid and really began understanding as a teenager. With that...
  16. yrrek

    How can people believe and not choose God?

    I know quite a few people that believe that Jesus is real and would rather go to Hell than to choose to follow him. One giving the excuse that God is mean. Even with knowing some of these people and their arguments.... I just cannot process this. I brought this up because I am writing a book and...
  17. yrrek

    Child suicide is hitting Ohio.

    My friend is a school therapist and she was sharing how tough it’s been at her job. Day in and day out she faces many kids who try to kill themselves. Many cut and harm themself. It takes a toll on her. Well... this last week a 13 year old took his life. I don’t know how to help her carry this...
  18. yrrek

    Any drummers here?

    I have been wanting to learn how to play. Right now I play bass in our worship team. Started lead guitar like 20 years ago. Our church just got an electric drum set and I thought it would be neat to learn. Any tips? I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials online.
  19. yrrek

    Major changes in Ohio’s school education system

    This is an email from my pastor. If you live in Ohio please pay attention and contact your representative. We are in an EMERGENCY SITUATION down in Columbus in regards to our State School Curriculum being quietly infiltrated by Communist/fascist philosophy, under the 1619 Project and BLM...
  20. yrrek

    Great things are happening here.

    A while ago... I made a post about our city doing a "sacred assembly" here. Four different denominations and idk how many churches came together and it went off amazingly. My little neck of the woods is a pretty small place but we are being noticed (not sure I like that part) NOW we are doing...