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  1. CountingMyBlessings

    Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

    What are some of your favorite kitchen gadgets? I will start with two. 1. “The Ringer” I received one of these as a Christmas gift. It is for cleaning cast iron and looks like a dish cloth made of chain mail. I quit using soap with my cast iron years ago after watching Alton Brown do a...
  2. CountingMyBlessings

    Randy and the Mule Team

    Got to church this morning and saw 6 mules and a couple of covered wagons in a roped off grassy spot next to the church. “Jesus” was on the side of one of the wagons. The owner of the wagons and mules is a man named Randy. He is from Arizona and travels from place to place telling people...
  3. CountingMyBlessings

    Locked Out

    I am automatically logged in on my phone, but tried just now to log in on laptop (which also used to automatically log me in) and I am now locked out. I tried the only three passwords I would have used. What do I do?
  4. CountingMyBlessings

    Big 12 Champs - Oklahoma

  5. CountingMyBlessings


    The annual in-state match up between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys is known as bedlam. This year’s match up is today between the 18th ranked Sooners and the 14th ranked Cowboys at the Palace on the Prairie in Norman, Oklahoma. BOOMER SOONER!!!
  6. CountingMyBlessings

    20v DeWalt Chainsaw?

    Anyone have or used one of these? Saw one yesterday for the first time. Thinking about getting my son one for Christmas to add to his collection since he has plenty of batteries, but not sure how well it would work. The drill, impact, bandsaw, grinder, sawsall and even the weed eater are...
  7. CountingMyBlessings

    “Before the Wrath” film

    Has anyone else watched this? If so, what are your thoughts?
  8. CountingMyBlessings

    Would you rather be Right or Happy? And other life lessons...

    About 13 years into marriage, I realized I would rather be happy than right. My late husband was always right and never conceded regardless of any logic or proof I presented. This frustrated me beyond words until I learned it was okay if he thought he was right about what we had for supper...
  9. CountingMyBlessings

    Anyone in to sewing?

    My friend gave me a sewing machine, a few years old but never used. My 8 year old daughter wants us to use it so much that she can't stand it. I hand sew when required (replacing buttons, fixing a hem, etc.), my granny taught me how to sew when I was a kid and I had a few successful...
  10. CountingMyBlessings

    I have a dog named Sister.

    I am new here - a week in. I feel a little too-new to start a new thread, but I searched the archives before posting this and didn't find what I was looking for so here goes. I believe a good dog is a gift from God. And, I dedicate this thread to all the dog lovers out there...
  11. CountingMyBlessings

    Ants in my Plants

    I have over 20 houseplants of various species and size. In May, after any reasonable chance of a freeze is past, they go outside on the porch. Then, I bring them back in in October before the first freeze. I planned to do this last weekend, but found ants in several of the pots. This...
  12. CountingMyBlessings


    Hi. I became a new member today, thought I've visited RF many times before. My husband was called home 14 months ago, just 5 days before our 21st anniversary. The state trooper called it a "freak accident", but I know it was his time. He was saved and I find peace in knowing I will...