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    Super Bowl halftime show will be a celebration of lyrical porn and the satanic race religion

    I've been a football fan all my life (as a Texan, it's in my DNA), but I finally had enough of the NFL. They lost me when they began kneeling during the anthem, and promoting the woke gospel. Sad to see yet another formally great institution go down the drain.
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    Soros buying up CRYPTO

    Soros has a history of economic manipulation and seems to delight in causing havoc and destruction wherever he goes. He has actually been banned in six countries- Pakistan, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Hungary and the Philippines, and is also persona non grata in Israel. He probably figures digital...
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    As a side note, Larry Mcdonald, the representative from Georgia who was quoted in the opening of the article, was killed shortly after making this statement. The Korean airliner he was traveling on was shot down after straying into Soviet Union Airspace. It may have been a coincidence, but he...
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    Nancy Pelosi makes TELLING slip about who's actually president

    So Nancy let it slip that Obama is the man behind the curtain- the worst kept secret in town.
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    America Is Running Out of Everything

    We can get by without a lot of the products that are in short supply now, but my biggest concern is the possibility of real food shortages. Few people in this day and age remember a time when food wasn't plentiful; it could be a real shock to many if grocery stores no longer have enough food...
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    Dawn of the Global Tax

    I do believe that this 'global' tax on corporations is the beginning of the funding of the New World Order. It may not be truly global yet, but it is the first step to establishing the premise that the UN (which represents the interest of the NWO at this point) can receive taxes from...
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    More than 200,000 children sexually abused by French Catholic clergy, damning report finds

    Perverted people will often try to insert themselves into jobs and situations that allow them access to vulnerable people (especially children) whom they can take advantage of. This is why abuse so often turns up in churches, schools, medical organizations, counseling services, police work...
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    This Is the “Blessed Hope”?

    I just wish more pastors were teaching their congregations about the Blessed Hope. In a time when the world is growing so dark and tyrannical, Christians need to hear about God's plan to remove His church before His Wrath comes down upon the world. Unfortunately, this truth is often denied or...
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    The Constitution Under Fire

    As several of our founders have noted, our Constitution was designed for a moral, God fearing people. As a nation, we have lost that Godly foundation, and are now degenerate in pretty much every way possible. Our system of government simply cannot withstand the turmoil and corruption that ensues...
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    Most Adult Christians Don't Believe Holy Spirit Is Real, Study

    It's so sad to read this. Other polls reveal that even many 'Evangelical Christians' deny foundations of the faith such as Jesus being the only way to salvation. It seems the remnant of true believers in this country gets smaller all the time. Unfortunately, these pseudo believers may be the...
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    National Lie-Like-a-Democrat Day

    I'm not sure Pinnocchio could outdo the Dems, and at this point they have left Bagdad Bob in the dust.
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    Antichrist and communist nations

    Yes, I think this is exactly what will happen. I believe that many in the Tribulation they will think of God as a small letter 'god', and believe that Jehovah God is just one of many gods (after all, the New Age teachings tell us we can all be 'gods'). The Antichrist will convince them that the...
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    Biden Endorses Controversial Bill Guaranteeing Abortion 'Without Limitations'

    From abortion to world depopulation to abandoning Americans in Afghanistan to restricting life saving treatments for covid - the Left seems to revel in destroying life every chance they get. They are the party of death.
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    Far upgrade/update TECHNOLOGY...Time is short....

    It seems that man is now acquiring more knowledge than it is safe for fallen humanity to have. I think of the transhumanism movement which seeks to merge man and machine; the designer genes movement that promises parents children with 'enhanced' abilities; or the wicked chimera experiments where...
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    Living in Biblical Times

    The generation that saw Israel reestablished as a nation is getting pretty old now; that in itself seems to indicate that we are getting very close to the Rapture. Add in all the other signs Jesus described in the Temple Mount sermon, and we seem to be well within the Season of His return.
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    Best Bible Commentaries:

    My two favorite Bible commentaries are The Bible Knowledge Commentary by Walvoord and Zuck (this comes in two volumes), and the six volume Thru the Bible commentary series by J. Vernon McGee. I doubt that any Bible commentaries are flawless, but these two sets are biblically sound, and in the...
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    Is hell a real place of fire?

    Jesus spent a great deal of time warning people about the dangers of going to Hell. It doesn't make sense to me that He would invest so much effort into convincing people to avoid a place that doesn't really exist.
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    Today’s Gutter Language

    We can expect that kind of language from people of the world, but what really gets me are the T shirts that say things like, "I'm a Christian, but I cuss a little". Of course, we are all human, and I have slipped up just like anyone else. But something about that message really bothers me. It...
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    US Capitol Police cite threats amid planned pro-Trump rally

    I would be very hesitant about going to this rally. To me, the evidence seems to indicate that Pelosi and the FBI set up an entrapment scenario for the Jan. 6 protesters and then used the narratives they spun around that event to smear all conservatives and Trump supporters. It just seems to me...