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  1. Moonlight

    I'm alive.

    The following is what I sent to the people I reached out to. Hello, I am Zachary. On May 8th, at about 2:00 am, I attempted to commit suicide. I took 100 sleeping pills and a little bit of alcohol. I was trying to exit this earth and get to Heaven to be with Jesus. I took many measures to...
  2. Moonlight

    Beautiful Assembly

    I’m not sure what this is supposed to be, but I felt compelled to write this. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows has a word called “sonder” it is: “The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines...
  3. Moonlight

    What is the relationship between Rapture Forums and Rapture Ready?

    The forum link on the RR website goes to here. However I’m wondering how this forum relates to that website and vice versa.
  4. Moonlight

    Why does the taking the MOB end the chances for salvation?

    We know it dooms whoever takes it to eternal torment. But why? I’ve heard it stated that taking it means to be literally owned by satan, and therefore unredeemable by God. However, God is the literal owner of all reality. Within His nature, He is sovereign over all and can exercise His...
  5. Moonlight

    Jesus died for all of our sins. What about the two unpardonable ones?

    We know that Jesus died for all of our sins in order to save us from our eternal punishment. However, what about the two sins that cannot be pardoned? The first is to die without asking Jesus to be your Savior from your sins. The second is to take the MOB. These two sins cannot be pardoned...
  6. Moonlight

    Raised up near the end.

    This testimony is over 26,000 words long and is divided into nine chapters. Because of the length, I'll post the chapters as replies to this thread. :)
  7. Moonlight

    Testimony Post Question

    Hey, I'm getting close to finishing my testimony and it's looking to be about 18,000+ words and is divided into nine chapters. When I'm done, am I okay to make a thread and post the "chapters" as replies to it? Is the length an issue?
  8. Moonlight

    Political Interview

    Reporter: “What do you think should be done about our border disputes?” Kitten: “Meow!” Reporter: “Do you think the US should tax imports of goods from overseas?” Kitten: “Meow!” Reporter: “When can we expect a statement on the presence of foreign spies?” Kitten: “Meow!” Reporter: “And...
  9. Moonlight

    Mundane Extremeness

    I look up every now and then, but my eyes soon wander back down as I shelve my expectations to get through the day. I don't know if anyone else feels this, but even though looking up and imagining the Call back to Home is comforting, for me I tend to end up pleading internally to go Home. I've...
  10. Moonlight

    Could Sahara Dust significantly affect the riots?

    It’s apparently about 5,000 miles wide, and is set to reach New Orleans on Friday. For reference, the contiguous US is vaguely about 3,000 miles wide from East to West coast. Apparently Caribbean countries are facing hazardous air quality levels from this. So could this huge dust plum invade the US?
  11. Moonlight

    Will nations have flags in the Millennium Kingdom?

    I've heard that in the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus, that the world will still be sectioned into nations or groups of people that will represent themselves before Jesus on His Throne. So do you think these nations might have flags like they do today? (Not that Jesus needs national flags to know...
  12. Moonlight

    Are posts displaying Christian-related art allowed?

    I'm not sure if all pictures are banned.