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    New England Faces First Direct Hurricane in 30 Years

    Wars, rumors of wars, fires, earthquakes, pestilence, drought ... now New England is expected to be hit by Hurricane Henri. Anyone here preparing for this?
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    “Giant” Statue Uses Technology to Celebrate Humanity

    This 10-story “statue,” with an “LED skin,” can move and change. Does this remind anyone else of the image of the Beast?!
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    Pastor Refuses to Let Police Shut Service Down

    *admin edit* I've asked that links to videos not be posted on the forums. That includes to YouTube, Rumble, or any other streaming service. If the videois contained inside an article that is fine to link to the article. Thank you.
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    “Resurrection” Movie

    I heard on Focus on the Family today that Roma Downy & Mark Burnett have made a movie about Jesus called “Resurrection.” I know they are sometimes “off,” but I was curious if anyone has watched it? I guess it’s on the streaming channel Discovery Plus, which will give a free 7-day trial, so I...
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    Drag Queen Story Hour Judge Arrested

    The judge who headed up the vile “drag queen story hour” for children in libraries has been arrested on child porn charges (which should be a surprise to no one):
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    Have You Seen This???

    Prophecy is unrolling like a glaringly bright red carpet right in front of us! Look at this new service Amazon is offering: search for “Introducing Amazon one.”
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    “Absolute Proof”

    Today, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has dropped a video on his web site that he says “Will change everything. And if it doesn’t, we really are in the End Times.” It reportedly shows “absolute proof” of voter fraud. He’s actually been hiding out for the last ten days in order to...
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    Apple May Not Allow Conservative Apps Now

    I didn’t put this in Breaking News because I don’t have an official source for this yet, but have heard today from two sources (Behold Israel and ‘Not the Bee’) that Apple, and possibly Google, are threatening to no longer allow apps on their platforms unless they will agree to Apple’s...
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    Steve Quayle?

    Is anyone familiar with a Bible teacher named Steve Quayle? A friend asked me today, and this friend is notorious for a lack of discernment, so ... I’m asking. I will research myself if needed, but I thought some of you faithful ones may know already.
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    No Election Anxiety!

    I am finally at peace about the election. I hope all of us will allow the Holy Spirit to lift us above every circumstance, and see all world and national events through the eyes of faith! This really hit me last night. I was listening to some good teaching from a pastor, and he brought up the...
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    Fulfilled prophecy video teaching?

    My youngest son is hoping to show an unbelieving friend a video (the friend is moving and doesn’t want a book sent to him right now) on all the prophecy that has been so meticulously fulfilled by God. I had chemo & radiation today and my mind is sluggish. Any recommendations? Thanks to you dear...
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    Is This A Pivotal 4th of July??

    This feels like such a pivotal 4th of July to me! The dismantling of the U.S.A. appears, at least, to be in progress, which answers a question so many have asked for years: Where is the U.S. in Bible prophecy? We always used to put our flag up several times a year, but since we moved to Iowa...
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    Siberian Heat Wave

    I thought this was interesting; it’s entitled “The Arctic is on Fire.” Talk about weird weather! I’m not sure whether this actually falls under prophetic events, except that during the Tribulation people will be “scorched,” but it grabbed my interest. It begs the question, in Siberia, do air...
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    Pope Makes Further Interfaith Efforts

    The Pope’s obvious interfaith efforts just keep rolln’ along:
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    Murder Hornets!

    Wow. Now we have “Murder Hornets” in the U.S.
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    More Locusts

    New locusts swarms are 20 times larger: They even use the phrase, “biblical.” o_O
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    Krakatoa Erupts

    Apparently the Krakatoa volcano is in the midst of a violent eruption, shooting ash to a 47,000 ft. altitude:
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    I’ve begun mulling over how this Resurrection Sunday will be unlike any other. We won’t be having family gatherings, other than anyone who is quarantined with us. I usually get some special treats for my grown boys/ wives from See’s Candies, but nope - they are not taking orders. I don’t know if...
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    “The Chosen” Airs Free Tonight!

    If anyone is interested in watching “The Chosen,” it is going to be available for free tonight! I bought the DVD already, but don’t mind contributing to this. They will live-stream one episode a night for eight days! From what I’ve seen of it already, it’s very good...
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    Volcanoes: Columns of Smoke?

    Mt. Merapi in Indonesia erupted today, and a photo of the event suddenly struck me (link posted below). Joel 2:30 says, “I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke.” Sure looks like that: