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  1. RobinB

    FEMA Broadcast Alert Test Today

    FEMA will run a test on tv, radios and phones today about 2pm EDT. It could last 5-10 minutes (unusual) and you may have to reboot your device after the test. (very weird.) I saw this on Prophecy Update and then searched and it is also reported elsewhere.
  2. RobinB

    Please Tell Me This Is Absurd...

    https://www.************/photo?fbid=1176640812690295&set=a.112774335743620 Not sure who can see the link -- but here's what I just saw on facebook. You Are Participating in a Satanic Ritual 6 feet in front 6 feet behind 6 feet apart + mouth covered The post claims spacing 6 feet apart and...
  3. RobinB

    A Future Freedom Awaits

    Are you all familiar with Elizabeth Prata? Independence Day in the US today, but a future freedom awaits Posted: 04 Jul 2020 04:39 AM PDT By Elizabeth Prata* For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ; (Philippians 3:20) Charles...
  4. RobinB

    Good Lockdown Read

    Helping out a friend of mine who also writes sweet/Christian romances. This story is releasing today. It's a good read, very clean (except I think it had one "d" word) and not at all paranormal, despite the title. I helped proof read it so hope the final version is smooth. I guess I'm not...
  5. RobinB

    Ice Cube Trays

    Does anyone recall why we aren't supposed to refill ice cube trays if we only take out a few cubes? (sorry if this posts twice)
  6. RobinB

    Hair color?

    I have colored my hair since a teenager, and would really like to let it grow out now. However, I have a few sprigs of grey around my face. That wouldn't bother me but now that I am in a high level job, all my team mates still color. It's like peer pressure. I don't want to be passed over...
  7. RobinB

    I See Some Names I Recognize...

    Hello, I am a former RR and PF member. Happy to find this board is active.