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  1. YallNeedJesus

    Biden: 'We are prepared to return to full compliance' with the JCPOA if Iran does the same

    Wonder how many pallets of cash we’ll send them this time. And it’s probably too late for all of this anyway. Iran is too close to a nuke to stop now.
  2. YallNeedJesus

    House Democrats remove Iron Dome funding from upcoming budget

    Support for Israel is thin. Even among conservatives
  3. YallNeedJesus

    Is this the year for the big one?

    Those are lights created by energy from the plates smashing together. At night they appear as flashes from the ground. It’s a fairly common occurrence for earthquakes. The only reason I know that is because I follow a earthquake expert on a social media site.
  4. YallNeedJesus

    Witnessing and Assurance of Salvation

    Thanks for posting this. I’m very thankful to have found Dr Woods earlier this year and watch his sermons multiple times per week. I will read through what you posted once my morning coffee kicks in.
  5. YallNeedJesus

    Explosion gunfire outside Kabul airport.

    I try not to get angry at the news anymore, but I am livid about this. This is a colossal screw-up and Biden has NO business being a leader of any sort. A terrible situation (that he created) has now turned into something far worse.
  6. YallNeedJesus

    Graphic cards

    Yes, it makes a difference with photoshop to use a higher end graphics card, especially if you use multiple displays. The Radeon 7500 is pretty old and the gpu is very slow by today’s standards. You wouldn’t necessarily need the best of the best graphics card, but I think you’ll see quite a...
  7. YallNeedJesus

    The Vultures Are Circling

    I would have said that as well. Never in my lifetime did I expect to see any of this! It’s exciting! As Jan Markell says, “Things aren’t falling apart, they’re falling into place.”
  8. YallNeedJesus

    I have noticed that there are many who are either in unbelief or backsliden christians that notice something is going on.

    Because Israel was not a nation during WWII. Israel returning to become a nation again is key to end times prophecy. A Great War didn’t necessarily have anything to do with a sign of the end, and many misinterpreted world wars or other disasters as a surety that the end is coming soon. I, as...
  9. YallNeedJesus

    Next Cave: MLB’s Cleveland Indians say they’re open to possible name change

    Cleveland just announced their new name to be the Guardians
  10. YallNeedJesus

    Ben & Jerry's to boycott West Bank settlements, east Jerusalem

    Whatever will Israel do without overpriced liberal ice creams? OH, THE HUMANITY. WHAT A STATEMENT OF WOKENESS. SO PROGRESSIVE. I have no problem tap dancing passed the B&J section in the grocery store now.
  11. YallNeedJesus

    Tomorrow will complete the sixth month since the inauguration of Joe Biden and I would like -

    I’m going say “C’MON, MAN!” 180 times (once for every day in office), take all 3 primary jabs at once (moderna, pfizer, j&j), and be in bed by 5pm, just in time for wheel of fortune
  12. YallNeedJesus

    Need to know what others did with their 16 cents

    I asked for a few extra sesame seeds on my burger bun last night. Best $0.16 I’ve ever spent
  13. YallNeedJesus

    UN chief calls on Washington to lift all Iran sanctions outlined in 2015 deal

    Lol, a “full restoration of the plan remains the best way to ensure that the nuclear program remains peaceful.” What? Backwards thinking. Up is down, left is right.
  14. YallNeedJesus

    I Just Had a Disturbing Encounter

    Great job speaking up.
  15. YallNeedJesus

    Chauvin Trial Starts Today in Minneapolis, Minnesota (George Floyd)

    The 3rd degree murder guilty verdict is just mind-boggling to me. All I could see being an actual option was the manslaughter charge. I also don’t understand how 2nd and 3rd murder charges were BOTH guilty. They seem mutually exclusive.
  16. YallNeedJesus

    Grace Life Church fenced in & chained up - Closed by Canada

    So, as long as we bow to our governments and meet in only the ways they want us to, we’re being good Christians? We’re being good salt and light by allowing the government to tell us how and where to worship? That doesn’t sit right with me at all.
  17. YallNeedJesus

    Grace Life Church fenced in & chained up - Closed by Canada

    Have to say, I think I’d be okay with tearing the fence down. This is insanity.
  18. YallNeedJesus

    Is Tehran Getting Ready to Attack Israel ???

    That is a broken link, FYI. Takes me to a 404