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    Candida Auris, the latest threat (yawn) to mankind's existence.

    Candida auris is an emerging fungus that presents a serious global health threat. CDC is concerned about C. auris for three main reasons: It is often multidrug-resistant, meaning that it is resistant to multiple antifungal drugs commonly used to treat Candida infections. Some strains are...
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    World's Record.10 babies!

    A woman in South Africa has given birth to 10 babies, breaking the previous world record, Africa News reported. The family of the woman, 37, confirmed the births, saying they received a call from the hospital on Monday informing them of the births. “We called back the number and got further...
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    How many 'Beasts' in Revelation?

    The word Beast occurs 29 times in Revelation, more than any other Book in the Bible. He often is seen coming up out of the abyss. Is it the same 'beast' all through Revelation (including Rev 13)? Or how many are there?
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    Israel accuses Chinese state TV of 'blatant antisemitism'

    BEIJING — Israel’s Embassy in China is protesting what it describes as “blatant antisemitism” on a program run by the overseas channel of state broadcaster CCTV discussing the ongoing violence in Gaza and elsewhere. In a tweet, the embassy said “we have hoped that the times of the ‘Jew’s...
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    Not Anon; Trump with a Squeak of Hope

    Could the courts still invalidate US election results? There are people out there fighting for recounts and willing to act if the results show a less than 270 electoral vote count for Biden. State Legislatures are conducting forensic audits of the 2020 Presidential election, and the result of...
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    US evacuates personnel from Israel as IDF eyes ground operation

    The US has pulled out 120 personnel from Israel, as terrorist rocket attacks on the Jewish state continue, CNN reported Thursday. According to the report, the personnel include both military service members and civilian workers. The personnel departed Israel via a C-17 transport aircraft...
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    Central Israel hit with major barrage; Hamas says 130 rockets fired at Tel Aviv

    Hamas takes responsibility for launching 130 rockets at Tel Aviv and central Israel, causing non-stop sirens for several minutes. “Now, in fulfillment of our promise, the Al-Qassam Brigades has launched the largest missile strike on Tel Aviv and its environs, with 130 missiles, in response to...
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    A Hard Rain

    (my Testimony- Long) Oroville, Ca. Dec 2nd 1972. Up to this point (for the last 6 mos. or so) I had been checking out stacks of books weekly searching , searching, searching, reading, reading, reading,.This day at the library it dawned on me that the answer to ‘existence’ would not come from...
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    'Top Ten' Persecuting Countries

    Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus: 1. North Korea 2. Afghanistan 3. Somalia 4. Libya 5. Pakistan 6. Eritrea 7. Yemen 8. Iran 9. Nigeria 10. India I would have thought China would have made it into the top 10, instead it is #17. More interesting tidbits Of the top 50 nations: 12...
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    Mass shooting at Long Island grocery store

    Here we go again. Sadly more fodder for the annti-gun crowd... Three people were shot inside West Hempstead Stop & Shop on Long Island Tuesday morning, according to Nassau County police. Two of the shooting victims were hospitalized. The third victim, an employee of the store, was killed...
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    CNN tech director admits using propaganda to oust Trump

    (nothing most here don't already know, just a little confirmation.) Admissions by CNN are on the video with Climate Change being next on the narrative agenda. Does CNN have an ax to grind with Donald Trump? Of course they do. President Trump spent nearly the entire four years of his Presidency...
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    At Least 8 Killed In Indianapolis Fedex Shooting

    Indianapolis police say at least eight people were killed and multiple others wounded at a FedEx facility on the city's southwest side late Thursday. They say it appears the suspected gunman killed himself. He wasn't included in the death toll of eight. WCCO 4 News - April 16, 2021...
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    Another Accidental Shooting in Minneapolis

    A police officer fatally shot a Black man, identified as Daunte Wright, after he was pulled over in a Minneapolis suburb Sunday, leading to clashes between protesters and law enforcement. On Monday, the police chief for the city of Brooklyn Center said the unidentified officer intended to use...
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    Mass shooting in So Carolina then in Tx

    So Carolina Texas Interesting. Right when Biden is pushing anti gun legislation.
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    No clear winner in Israeli election, signaling more deadlock

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli parliamentary elections on Tuesday resulted in a virtual deadlock for a fourth time in the past two years, exit polls indicated, leaving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with an uncertain future and the country facing the prospect of continued political gridlock. The...
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    Saudis Say Temple Mount and Al Aqsa Not Important to Islam

    This could be big in terms of the 3rd Temple building construction if it pans out... In further departure from Palestinian narrative, Saudis recognize Jewish connection to the Temple Mount Palestinian politicians, clerics and terrorist warlords tireless invoke the Temple Mount and Al Aqsa...
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    Google Maps and Church Apartheid

    I was using Google Maps a bit ago and noticed something lacking in their 'Locater' section (usually on the left) Here is their list of locations, you tell me what is missing... Groceries Restaurants Takeout Hotels Banks Parking Lots Post Offices Gas Stations Pharmacies Hospitals And you are...
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    Ship owned by Israeli firm hit by explosion in Gulf of Oman

    The current assessment in Israel is that the explosion was a targeted attempt against an Israeli-owned ship by Iran. A ship owned by an Israeli firm, the MV HELIOS RAY, was hit by an explosion in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) and a maritime...
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    WHO's Next in it's Bag of Tricks...Nipah Virus

    The World Health Organization today (Sunday) took the first step in fighting a possible outbreak of the ‘Nipah’ virus, which causes an incurable disease that kills two-thirds of patients, and put the virus on a list of pathogens that endanger humanity. The inclusion of the deadly virus on the...
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