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    Self defense in the Word

    The right to self defense is given by God. But there are other deterrents we can use, such as alarms or a big dog, before getting to the point of needing to blow someone away. The thought that keeps coming into my mind is what if the thieves are unsaved? If they are arrested and go to prison...
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    Your credit score may soon depend on your web history

    I didn't say debt was considered honourable, I said repaying it on time was considered honourable. Borrowing, or lending to others, especially in need, was not prohibited(Deuteronomy 15:1-11, Matthew 5:42). Which is between the creditor and God. The act of lending to others is not considered...
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    Your credit score may soon depend on your web history

    I believe the warnings against debt in the Bible are regarding allowing it to accumulate and failing to meet your obligations. Repaying debts in a timely manner was seen as honourable among the Jews.
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    Rapture: Instant disappearing, or visible ascent?

    In Matt 24 Jesus warned of false Christs and messiahs who would come (vs 5, 11, 23-26) , masquerading as Him during the Tribulation. So on one hand there will be the truth preached that Jesus took his Church away, but there will be others on earth during the Tribulation who claim to be Jesus and...
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    My mother's strange end times beliefs

    The end of the world and judgment day and Armageddon inspire much speculation, people like talking about those things, but they don't like searching Scripture for the answers. Revelation is such a difficult book, heavy on symbolism, an interpretation as a literal fulfillment only makes sense...
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    Books for children and teenagers in a Wyoming public library that parents are livid about

    If they want to take a soap bucket and clean out the smut every corner that they find it...... Exercise in futility, IMO. It's everywhere. Plenty of objectionable material was freely available in my town's library when I was a kid and that was decades ago. Whatever they don't see in the library...
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    Donald J. Trump Announcement: “I Have No Choice but to Run in 2024”

    Well, between now and the Millennium, there isn't going to be any other kind. Israel's full restoration is a spiritual blessing from the Lord that will only come after they turn back to the Lord and receive their true Messiah. All human efforts will fail. No politicians or man made governments...
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    Donald J. Trump Announcement: “I Have No Choice but to Run in 2024”

    He's not resigned to defeat. Many people said he couldn't win in 2016. Trump has always been confident in his own abilities, even facing the odds. What he needs, though, is his social media accounts restored. That was a powerful tool for him. If he doesn't have his voice back, he won't win.
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    Pure horror taking place in Ethiopia * Upsetting content *

    This is one of the last things they've said about it. The United States is designating the Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) Chief of Staff General Filipos Woldeyohannes (Filipos) for his...
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    Daniel 12:4, increasing knowledge

    I could go either way. I know Bible teachers today do their best, but I have questions about prophetic writings that I would give almost anything to go back in time and talk to Jesus (of course) but also Peter, Paul, John directly. 2 Thess 2:5 is one of those passages that I look at wistfully...
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    Babies born during the tribulation/God’s wrath?

    It remains one of the most difficult truths to accept about God that he has allowed pain and suffering to fall upon the innocent. Throughout history so it would not be inconsistent with His character for it to continue into the Tribulation. Through war and conflict and even divine judgment...
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    Hatred of Christians Leading To Rapture?

    Predicting persecution like you describe is difficult. Despite what we see starting to take place around us, the Church of the western world is still blessed in many ways. Open Doors lists numerous reasons for why Christians are marginalized, discriminated against and brutally persecuted in...
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    Pure horror taking place in Ethiopia * Upsetting content *

    Worth noting too that Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed is another example of a foreign leader whom the West propped up and showered with accolades, who turned into an international pariah. It was less than two years ago that he was on the stage at Oslo accepting his Nobel peace prize. Started off freeing...
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    How Islam Conquered 2/3s of the Christian World

    Something you may find encouraging. These guys did a study in 2015 and they estimate that from 1960-2010, as many as ten million people have come out of Islam and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. How many have done this over the centuries, I don't...
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    Satanic Temple Joins Democrats in Fight Against Texas Abortion Law: ‘Satanic Abortion Rituals Are Our Right’

    They're trying to redefine the definition of Satanist. Turn it into something good and positive as an activist group that supports leftist causes. A "Satanist" is now someone who supports science, women's rights, bodily autonomy, LGBT rights, BLM, religious freedom, etc And fights against the...
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    Pure horror taking place in Ethiopia * Upsetting content * Deeply distressing details emerging from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the civil war that started last November. This region has been in the news for many reasons, the disastrous...
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    Any "New" Rapture Nearness Indicators?

    Could be that they need to be brought to this point, at which some will hear the call of God and look towards Him. He uses all kinds of circumstance to bring people to Him. I don't think they're lost causes, is all. All the more reason that we should be examples around them, embodying the...
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    Over 200 Headless Goat Bodies Found Floating in Georgia River

    Very loosely as some of them are Catholic and they consider Mary and Lazarus of the Bible as Orishas, or deities to be worshipped and given animal sacrifices.
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    Is hell a real place of fire?

    Erwin Lutzer offers an explanation for this that I believe is sound, in his excellent book One Minute After You Die. "Unbelievers Are Eternally Guilty Hell exists because unbelievers are eternally guilty. The powerful lesson to be learned is that no human being’s suffering can ever be a...
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    The Satanic Temple Is In Fact Emblematic Of The Leftist Worldview

    They proved it again today with that line of thinking. Regarding the abortion controversy in Texas....Satanic Temple trying to get a religious freedom exemption from the FDA so anyone who makes a claim of beliefs within their organization can get access to abortion pills without an prescription...