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  1. lamborgini

    I’m Scared.

    I know we are to look up for our redemption is near, but it can be so terribly hard. How are you coping/dealing/feeling? Praying that our household is accounted for and worthy through Jesus and that we may go home soon.
  2. lamborgini

    Bride of Christ vs Body of Christ

    I was reading some comments from various Facebook groups and an interesting point was made..that I honestly never dug into much. Bride of Christ = Israel Body of Christ = The Church As an RRer, I always thought we were the Bride, but, this person said Bride was Israel and our gentile “place”...
  3. lamborgini

    NASA Finds RED DRAGON on Mars NASA: Combine an active imagination with an image of Mars and you may spot a shag carpet, a Star Trek insignia or even Pac-Man on the red planet. The team behind the HiRise camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter imagined a dragon...
  4. lamborgini


    There’s been a huge uptick in visible crosses across the country. Our home included. ;) There has been a moment - Jefferson County Faith not Fear - is one of a few groups on Facebook. They encouraged putting up visible crosses and it now has thousands of members, country wide. There are now...
  5. lamborgini

    My Pillow CEO - Praises God During WH Press Briefing

    So encouraging. CNN cut away from President Donald Trump's coronavirus press conference on Monday just as the president welcomed My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell to the podium to announce how his company is producing cotton masks to help curb the shortage of N95 face masks. Lindell went on to...
  6. lamborgini

    Trump’s Address Today - Drug Cartels/ Possible Attacks

    Did anyone watch Trump’s update today? Fun fact, many left stations aren’t airing. I watch direct from The White House feed. Today’s message had a significant military presence and turn, with threats to anyone who would consider attacking us. It was encouraging to see Patriots in (verbal)...
  7. lamborgini

    I'm SO Confused..

    So, New York Times says that hospitals are overflowing with patients. Trucks with coolers are called in to help with the mass amounts of dead bodies, Not enough ventilators - people re-using PPE equipment, etc.. ..I'm not seeing any additional sources confirming this. Is anyone? I know...
  8. lamborgini

    One Strong Move Forward of Fulfillment of Gentiles

    Sending love to my RF Flock. With all the unrest in the world, and the fact that - globally - we are in one big “grey area,” for time being, I can’t help but wonder: Is this a huge push forward for the fulfillment of the Gentiles before Rapture? People are scared. My hopes that scales are...
  9. lamborgini

    The Deal of the Century

    Now that Israeli elections are wrapping up, when is this deal getting dropped? :popcorn I know President Trump said after :popcorn
  10. lamborgini

    Nice Weather - Globally

    Silly question (or observation).. but let’s discuss weather, across the globe. In winter, we are all in our homes, barely outside, not socializing nearly as much as we do when the weather is nice. When it’s summer in Australia, it’s winter, in North America, etc.. So, what “season” or window...
  11. lamborgini

    Seriously.. How MUCH Longer, Lord?

    Not date setting. I feel in my heart (which I know the heart is a liar and we are to lead with our heads) that we are still a few years off from the Rapture. That all this junk that’s happening - censorship, division, etc is just the begining and it’s going to get worse (which the Bible DOES...
  12. lamborgini

    They’re Starting to Ban More..

    It’s completely under the radar, but Amazon, Pinterest, Etsy and many other popular groups are removing vaccine information, videos, books and movies from their sites. Not here to get into a debate about them. I don’t care what side of the fence you sit. Being fully vaccinated from 40 years...