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  1. pixelpusher

    A boring subject, cooling pillows. Who has one, does it work?

    I sleep hot. Intrigued by the idea of a pillow that would feel cool all night. There are a bunch of claims out there. Does anyone own a "cooling pillow" and does it work, would you buy it again?
  2. pixelpusher

    Brooding over the waters Listening to Dr. McGee's episode on Rev 22:2-21 this morning, he said something strange around the 5:40 mark. Discussing v3, that the Throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the New...
  3. pixelpusher

    Nursery Verses

    Andy Woods talking about 1 second after the rapture: "Behold, I show you a Mystery, we will not all sleep, but we will be changed..." "Now you might want to put that verse up in your Nursery..." :groucho
  4. pixelpusher

    Legit witchcraft in the White House nowadays From the article: Biden Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice posted a photo of her White House office showing a sage burning ritual to cleanse it from the vibes of...
  5. pixelpusher

    Efflorescence on Brick

    Has anyone had their red brick turn white? I just noticed there is like a 2-3 foot patch of white deposit on my foundation, like right under the kitchen sink. Never saw this before. It's been wet lately, and freezing/thawing, but I'm wondering if I have a water leak under the house or some other...
  6. pixelpusher

    Christmas Star

    Anyone else view the Christmas Star last night? We took a short drive out in the country at sunset and found a dark field to pull into. It was a lot smaller in the sky than I figured, and still distinctly two bodies. We brought the old binocs, which helped a lot. Mostly it was just a nice...
  7. pixelpusher

    President Trump Tweets Out “Martial Law = Fake News”

    President Trump Tweets Out “Martial Law = Fake News” Knowing There Are Several Options on the Table On Saturday the internet was abuzz with reports that President Trump was...
  8. pixelpusher

    The Holidays are coming up.

    I'm really anxious, conflicted, and upset because it's almost time to get together with the liberal side of the family again. I just don't want to do it this year, it's so painful. I don't want to be confronted with my niece who had her breasts removed last month, and is just so HAPPY about...
  9. pixelpusher

    An encouraging poem to share!

    All, The poem quoted below came from a posting on FB. Apparently one of my aunt's friends emailed a link to her, and my aunt forwarded it to my uncle, who forwarded it to me. I do not know the author, and I am not going to log into FB to ask her permission, because reasons... But I am nearly...
  10. pixelpusher

    A happy story in troubled times

    This is an old story now, but I just stumbled across it yesterday. college student Walter Carr got a new job with a moving company. His car died the day before he was to start. He determined to make it, and got up at 12 am to start walking the 20 miles to the job. Cop stopped him along the...
  11. pixelpusher

    Custom Browser Style Sheet for Fox News

    So when the corona hit, Fox News gained this annoying javascript driven popup at the top of the page, which was activated when you scrolled up. The javascript watching for the scroll up action tho was aggravating the mess out of me, just normal scrolling down on my MacBook trackpad (or iPad, I...
  12. pixelpusher

    In these last days...

    How do you witness to people? Share the Gospel? I am amazingly bad at this. I want to share the good news, but people run like their rear ends are on fire and their hair is catching.
  13. pixelpusher

    I love the part in Acts 12

    Where an angel of the Lord appeared and busted him out of prison. I wonder if angels will escort us in the Rapture. I'm almost sure they will! See you guys soon, hopefully! 6On the night before Herod was to bring him to trial, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains...
  14. pixelpusher

    The Hunt is on... It's back, The Hunt is due for release this March. In which the "elites" hunt and kill the "deplorables". After the guy in FL deliberately ran his van into a GOP voter registration booth. Art imitates life or life...
  15. pixelpusher

    The Hunt What are we to make of this movie The Hunt? Comments? Good grief. I don’t like liberals viewpoints, but I don’t want to murder them!? I wish they would be reborn and truly know peace and...
  16. pixelpusher

    Well, we have taken out an Iranian drone now Trump: US warship destroyed Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz A U.S. warship destroyed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz amid heightened tensions between the two countries, President Trump announced Thursday...
  17. pixelpusher

    Paint Cans Still?!

    Had to do some painting last week. Just weird things I wonder sometimes: why in the world does paint still come in metal cans that make such a mess pouring it into the roller tray? Why not pourable jugs like laundry detergent?
  18. pixelpusher

    Fountains of the Deep discovered!

    Mysterious freshwater reservoir found hidden beneath the ocean Scientists have found a gigantic freshwater aquifer hidden deep below the ocean. The surprising discovery, from a new survey of the sub-seafloor off the northeast U.S. coast by researchers from Columbia University, appears to to be...
  19. pixelpusher

    4d ultrasounds in times square This was great to see... 20000 ppl saw 4d late term babies on screen
  20. pixelpusher


    how about this AOC person? I can't wait for the gov't to renovate my house, give me an electric car, and pay me a living wage for being unwilling to work, with free health care . What is wrong with these people?