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    Any "New" Rapture Nearness Indicators?

    The fact that we are seeing such perversions - i.e homosexual marriage, child indoctrination towards this lifestyle, acceptance of transgenderism, pedophilia and the likes. This is what brought judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah how can we think He will continue to let this go on. Keep looking...
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    I Sing the Body Electric

    We raptured saints will not feel physical toil or exhaustion doing God's work no need. We will find pleasure doing His work! CAN'T wait!!!! We will have glorified bodies, not human like!
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    Scotland decides 4 yr olds can choose their gender

    We sure know now that we are nearing the very end of the church age! Praying for our little ones
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    We Were Here When Medical Science Lost Its Mind

    Won't it be interesting to share our stories with the old testament patriarchs.? We saw insanity and total depravity at the end of the age. What was your experience like ? I can't wait to talk with them!
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    Third police officer who responded to Jan. 6 attack dies by suicide

    I'm so thankful our God sees all. He knows what happened and He in His righteousness will have the final say. I pray for the families of those officers.
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    I have noticed that there are many who are either in unbelief or backsliden christians that notice something is going on.

    I think believers children or other family members might reevaluate their lives after the rapture and having seen loved one's missing. Sadly they will be the ones that will be martyred for that, or know that if not, they will face the Lake of Fire. At least they will be given a chance at that...
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    I have noticed that there are many who are either in unbelief or backsliden christians that notice something is going on.

    Agree, my flesh wants a return to normal but my soul says otherwise! Thankful for my eternal future in Jesus!
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    SF gay choir sings song “We’re Coming for your Children”

    The people were corrupt as well they accepted it and let it happen. That was what moved God to Judge, they all went along with it. Does it sound familiar? That is what seems to be happening in our country now!
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    If You Die Tomorrow, Where Will You Spend Eternity?

    As they say there are no second generation Christians. All have an individual choice to make.
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    Beyond the Distorted Rainbow

    I feel God is offended too. How much more will He take? Come Lord, come,!
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    WH: Europe trip signals Biden is the 'clear and consensus leader of the free world'

    Fits the globalist narrative, keep feeding them obvious falsehoods and they will fall into place. What sheepels who do not see what is happening. So !
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    Exclusive Video: Anti-Israel Protesters Clash with Police in London, Chant ‘Allahu Akbar!

    Oh my! The whole world is getting closer to the Father calling for Jesus' bride to come home. Hallelujah!!!!
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    Why didn't God accept Cane's sacrifice?

    God looks at the heart of an offering, not the offering itself. Obviously Cain's heart was not in the offering while Abel's was.
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    Ths Shofar Sound

    Just wondering if you all feel the trumpet sound when the Father has Jesus call us home will be for everyone, believer or not to hear, or will it be a spirit driven sound only for Holy Spirit believers. Always have wondered that because at night I sleep with earplugs in because my wonderful...
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    One sentence

    I would say, if I'm wrong about Jesus then nothing lost, if I'm right about Jesus I have gained everything. Are you sure you want to take a chance on not knowing him?