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  1. Leigh


    Last year my DEXA scan showed osteopenia and early osteoporosis, so my doctor prescribed Boniva. Well, I did a little research and decided against taking it. My annual physical is next week and I figure I'm going to be "in trouble" for not starting the medicine. Now, my doctor is wonderful, so I...
  2. Leigh

    Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee

    Are any of you interested in a discussion thread for the Thru the Bible radio show? They recently finished their 10th time 'through the Bible' and have started the program again for the 11th time. That means it's been on the air for 50 years! :) The last two weeks they have been playing Dr...
  3. Leigh

    What are you doing for Easter?

    Just wondered what are everyone's Easter plans? I think, if nothing happens, we will have a full house. My mother is coming from Georgia to spend the weekend (which will be a big deal for her because she has hardly left home over the last year, but she's had both her Covid shots now), AND she...
  4. Leigh

    Help! What do you do with old Christmas and greeting cards and pictures?

    This is an ongoing problem with me! Being sentimental, I can't seem to throw away greeting cards that people send (which is not that often, but over they years they do pile up). The bigger problem is how to handle all the family picture cards that people like to send out at Christmas. Do you...
  5. Leigh

    Would you buy a piano from Costco?

    I'm debating replacing my 45 year old Kimball player piano with the Artesia AG-50 Digital Grand Piano from Costco, but I don't know... buying a piano online??? Is that a bad idea? I need to re-read the reviews, but overall it gets a 4.3 out of 5 stars. The price IS good, but I keep remembering...
  6. Leigh

    Hello from sunny SC!

    Hi everyone, I am an old RR member who has been lurking around & reading posts for a long time now, just finally took the time to register here. {I never posted very much at RR and mostly stayed in the Women's Forum, but that was years ago! :)} Anyway....... we live in the midlands of SC where...