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  1. JoyFillsMySoul

    Happy Birthday Momma D!

    Happy Birthday!! :hug
  2. JoyFillsMySoul

    Happy Birthday, Salluz!

    :hug Happy Birthday!!
  3. JoyFillsMySoul

    Happy Birthday RonJohnSilver!

    Happy Birthday! :snoopy
  4. JoyFillsMySoul

    Happy Birthday Chris!

    Happy Birthday!! :humble
  5. JoyFillsMySoul

    Happy Birthday seated with Christ!

    :yay Happy Birthday!!!!!
  6. JoyFillsMySoul

    Happy Birthday MattFiveFour!!!

    Happy Birthday! :waltz
  7. JoyFillsMySoul

    New from Ireland

    Welcome! It's nice to meet you. :shake
  8. JoyFillsMySoul

    Need to know what others did with their 16 cents

    I flushed the toilet just for fun. I think I overspent.
  9. JoyFillsMySoul

    Tampons for Boys: Illinois Democrats Pay Tribute to the “Trans” Community on Memorial Day

    I foresee many stopped up toilets and flooded boys' bathrooms in Illinois.
  10. JoyFillsMySoul

    Beef or chicken?

    Beef...a close second is the fish we purchase from Wild Alaskan Company.
  11. JoyFillsMySoul

    Wonderfully written book series!

    Thanks for the recommendation! I just got the first one.
  12. JoyFillsMySoul

    Eating figs

    WLE, those cookies sound delicious! I bought a bottle of fig balsamic vinegar years ago when Central Market opened in the area. It made the best salad dressing. It was also yummy drizzled over a small pork loin. Sadly, I've never found it again.
  13. JoyFillsMySoul

    Eating figs

    Mmmmmm...fresh figs with goat cheese
  14. JoyFillsMySoul

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day!! Blessings to all... ❤
  15. JoyFillsMySoul

    What is your favorite way to cook eggs?

    I love eggs mixed really well into chocolate chip cookie dough, then baked until ooey and gooey...with milk.
  16. JoyFillsMySoul

    I got the first COVID Vaccine Shot

    I took the J&J jab almost 3 weeks ago. I woke up the next day feeling like I'd been hit by a bus. I slept all day and woke up feeling great the next morning. My arm was sore for about a week.
  17. JoyFillsMySoul

    Thankful newbie

    Welcome! :yay
  18. JoyFillsMySoul

    How long have you been on this forum?

    I joined in 2019, but had been a frequent visitor since 2017. Looking forward to spending eternity with my RF family...hopefully soon. :meet :rapture
  19. JoyFillsMySoul


    So glad you joined RF! :welcome